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All Destiny 2 Strand weapons

With Lightfall, you can use the new darkness power in your guns as well as with your subclass. Here are all Destiny 2 Strand weapons to find and use.

As we arrive at Neomuna in Destiny 2, things aren’t easy for us Guardians. While there are challenging foes to take on, our new Strand powers should keep us from dying (at least most of the time). And a new power means a new element for guns, Destiny 2 Strand weapons.

Some of the Strand weapons will shake up the list of Destiny 2 best PvE weapons and Destiny 2 best PvP weapons, and with Destiny 2 Strand subclasses to play with in the game, we’re pretty excited for the synergy. Of course, those who prefer using other subclasses can always use one of the new Strand weapons to get their darkness or cosmic fix in Destiny 2.

All Destiny 2 Strand weapons

The Destiny 2 Strand weapons are:

  • Final Warning (Lightfall exotic sidearm)
  • Quicksilver Storm (Lightfall exotic auto rifle)
  • Perpetualis (Season of Defiance War Table auto rifle)
  • Round Robin (Lightfall Neomuna vendor hand cannon)
  • Volta Bracket (Lightfall Neomuna vendor sniper rifle)
  • Synchronic Roulette (Lightfall Neomuna vendor submachine gun)
  • The Immortal (Season of Defiance Trials of Osiris submachine gun)
  • The Immortal (Adept) (Season of Defiance Trials of Osiris submachine gun)
  • Circular Logic (Lightfall Neomuna vendor machine gun)

All Destiny 2 Strand weapons: Final Warning exotic sidearm in Destiny 2

Final Warning – Exotic sidearm

One of the additions to the Exotic pool with the release of Lightfall is the Final Warning Sidearm. This Strand gun fires out enemy-seeking bullets that are sure to leave some holes in your enemy’s armour. Since this is an Exotic weapon, it’s likely going to have some decent damage as soon as you get your hands on it and be quite useful in PvP.

Destiny 2 Strand Weapons: The Quicksilver Storm can be seen

Quicksilver Storm – Exotic auto rifle

We’re going to be updating this guide when more Strand-type guns are revealed with the release of Lightfall. So, if you’re hoping to start adding them to your gear and your vault, come back soon! We aren’t quite sure how prevalent Strand weapons will be with Lightfall either, but with one weapon confirmed, we can likely expect more with each new season of the next year.

That’s all Destiny 2 Strand weapons. Check out our Destiny 2 Strand guide to find out everything you need to know about the subclass and element and make sure to see all Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotic weapons so you know what to try and use from the expansion.