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Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest walkthrough

Here’s how to bond with Strand sources and do the Vex Incursion Zone Lost Sector in Neomuna to beat the Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest in Lightfall.

Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest: Nimbus raising his hands, looking proud.

The Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest added in Lightfall will set you out to explore Neomuna. While Maelstrom is only a short quest, it has some confusing steps that have caught out many players, including a mysterious ‘Strand sources bonded’ quest step. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to complete the Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest, including what Strand sources bonded means, more on the Vex Incursion Zone, Lost Sectors, and more.

The Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest will immerse you in Neomuna lore, finding out about Maelstrom, a previous Cloud Strider who defended the city from the Vex. If you’re looking to dive even further into Neomuna lore and their valiant defenders, we’ve got you covered with Destiny 2 Neomuna lore, Destiny 2 Cloud Striders lore, and an answer to the question of ‘what is The Veil in Destiny 2?‘. We’ve completed the Maelstrom quest and learned about this heroic defender in our time played for our Destiny 2 Lightfall review.

Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest

The Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest steps are:

  • Bond with Strand sources – ‘Strand sources bonded’
  • Participate in Public Events, Patrols, and loot resources, all within the current Vex Incursion Zone
  • Complete the Lost Sector within the Vex Incursion Zone
  • Return to the Hall of Heroes to repair Maelstrom’s memorial
  • Return to Quinn

Despite the Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest only having four quest steps, these will take you some time to complete, especially given how confusing they can seem at first glance. The first step in particular is troublesome, tasking you with bonding with Strand sources and participating in activities within the Vex Incursion Zone. Before you can begin the Maelstrom quest, you’ll first have to have completed the campaign and Destiny 2 Lightfall missions list on any difficulty. A detailed rundown of the hardest Maelstrom quest steps can be seen below:

Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest step 1 – Strand sources bonded and Vex Incursion Zone

The Maelstrom quest steps begin troublesome almost right away, when you’ll be charged with bonding with Strand sources and completing activities within the Destiny 2 Vex Incursion Zone.

To complete the ‘Strand sources bonded’ objective, you will need to find two Strand sources while in the Vex Incursion Zone location. This area is marked on your map by a special greenish-purple icon on the destination map screen. Head here and search for Strand sources. These are the same as the green Strand orbs you will have interacted with during the Lightfall campaign. Walk up to them and hold the interact key to ‘look within’.

The second part of the Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest step 1 involves completing Public Events, Patrols, and looting resources within the Vex Incursion Zone. While simple, this can be quite time consuming. To speed up the process, be sure to complete Patrol missions while also participating in Public Events. This includes the highly rewarding Destiny 2 Vex Strike Force unique Public Event. While doing so, keep your eyes peeled for Destiny 2 Cloud Accretion locations, since this is the Neomuna destination material.

Once you have completed both of these objectives, you will progress to the next step of the Maelstrom quest.

Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest step 2 – Vex Incursion Zone Lost Sector

The second and final major step in the Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest is to complete a Lost Sector in the Vex Incursion Zone. Return once again to the Vex Incursion Zone and locate the Lost Sector. Remember that the Vex Incursion Zone rotates around the map and will not always be in the same location.

Here are the relevant Vex Incursion Zone Lost Sectors for each location:

  • Liming Harbor Vex Incursion Zone – Thrilladrome Lost Sector
  • Ahimsa Park Vex Incursion Zone – Gilded Precept Lost Sector
  • Zephyr Concourse Vex Incursion Zone – Hydroponic Delta Lost Sector

Complete the relevant Lost Sector depending on the location of the Vex Incursion Zone to progress the Maelstrom quest. These Lost Sectors are marked on your map, so they shouldn’t be too hard to locate.

Besides these two important steps, the rest of the Maelstrom quest is relatively straightforward so you shouldn’t have too much trouble completing it. Simply return to the Hall of Heroes and interact with the objectives to finish the quest.

And that’s how to complete the Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest, including how to do the ‘Strand sources bound’ step and the Vex Incursion Zone Lost Sector. There’s no better time to mess around with all the new Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotic weapons and Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotic armour than when you’re exploring Neomuna and doing quests, so have a look at them before hopping back in to fight back the Vex.