What is the Veil in Destiny 2?

Are you wondering what the Veil is in Destiny 2? Here is what we know about the mysterious object on Neptune that the Guardians and the Witness are after.

Destiny 2 The Veil: The Witness can be seen

What is The Veil in Destiny 2? If you are jumping into Destiny 2 Lightfall you may have been surprised to see so many characters mentioning a subject which is fairly new to the Destiny world and lore. But, it is key to the future of the universe and taking down the Witness.

So, if you want a full debrief on what the Veil is and what you can expect from it going forward in Destiny 2, this article is for you. This guide will take you through everything we know about the Veil leading up to Lightfall, as well as what we learn during the Destiny 2 Lightfall missions. There will be some spoilers below for the end of the campaign.

What is the Veil in Destiny 2?

The Veil in Destiny 2 is a Paracausal object or artefact buried deep within an Ishtar Collective facility in Neomuna on Neptune. It was used by the Witness to create a portal to an unknown location using the combination of pure light and pure darkness.

We still don’t know a whole lot about the Veil. However, it shares a lot of similarities visually with the Awoken technology which we have seen in The Dreaming City and used by Mara Sov, The Queen of the Reef, and her Techeuns. More will be unveiled about the Veil as we explore more of Neomuna and uncover secrets as the weeks go on.

In a TWAB post, Bungie confirmed that Season of the Deep would see the addition of a new Lightfall quest that would shed more light on what the Veil is. According to Bungie, players will explore Neomuna to “learn about the nature of the Veil through Osiris’ research and newly uncovered Ishtar Collective data.” Three additional Strand Aspects and a new hand cannon coming to the Destiny 2 Lightfall weapons list.

Who informed us of the Veil in Destiny 2?

The Guardians were informed of the Veil in Destiny 2, during the final message from Rasputin in Season of the Seraph in 2023. It was the last message sent when Rasputin destroyed himself to destroy the Warminds.

Rasputin had kept record of Neomuna after they received reports from Soteria, the AI that assisted in establishing Neomuna. However, this information was purposely hidden to keep Neomuna, and likely the Veil a secret. After being told about The Veil, Destiny 2 Lightfall sees us race to Neomuna to obtain it before Calus and the Witness get to it first.

Destiny 2 Veil theories

There have been lots of theories about the Veil since the launch of Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Perhaps the most likely theory is from Reddit user ‘tunnelinggeek‘, who suggests that the Veil acts as bridge between Light and Dark. This theory is heavily based on our understanding of Strand, a power created as a by-product of the Veil. Osiris states that Light is the realm of the physical, while Darkness is the domain of the metaphysical, including dreams, nightmares, and subconscious. Strand, which Osiris refers to as a ‘paracausal superposition’, matches this definition – a Darkness power that manipulates the physical world.

Therefore, it’s likely that the Veil acts as a wall between Light and Darkness which, once broken, creates a link between the two paracausal forces. This appears to be what the Witness has done at the end of the Lightfall campaign, where it has used the Veil to break the separation between Light and Dark to enter a realm within the Traveler itself.

That is what we know about the Veil in Destiny 2. For even more lore explainers as we approach the end of the Light and Darkness saga, check out our rundown of Destiny 2 the Witness and Lightfall’s villain, in our Destiny 2 Lightfall Calus guide.