Gear up Call of Duty fans, this is the new Warzone map release date

If you've been wondering when will the new Warzone map come out, worry not Call of Duty fans. Here's the new Warzone map release date.

new Call of Duty Warzone map release date

Settle your Call of Duty beefs in Al Mazrah while you still can, because developer Sledgehammer Games is almost ready to shift the action to Urzikstan. If you’ve been playing MW3 Zombies, you’ll have seen a horror-tinged side to it already, but like you, we are eager to know when will the new Warzone map come out properly. Grab your gear, because here’s the new Warzone release date.

According to Call of Duty studio Sledgehammer Games, the Call of Duty Vanguard developer confirms on social media that the new map arrives on Wednesday, December 6, 2023. This is the beginning of Season 1 for both Warzone and the game’s mainline multiplayer component, Modern Warfare 3. Acknowledging the game’s statistical success, despite mixed reviews, Sledgehammer Games says “circle your calendar for Season 1 launch on December 6, with new maps, a ton of content and more.”

Furthermore, aside from adding to one of the best battle royale games around, Sledgehammer Games comments on the game’s Zombies experience, which currently houses the upcoming Warzone map: “Congratulations to our talented colleagues at Treyarch for setting a new Modern Warfare record with MW Zombies – and another shoutout to players for making all of this possible!”

new warzone map release date

This follows on from the studio explaining in a previous blog post that “Urzikstan, the new big Battle Royale map announced at Call of Duty Next, [is] set to arrive in Call of Duty Warzone in December as part of Season 1.” If you’ve been playing MW3 Zombies, then you’ll have already seen a horror-tinged side to the map, as it is currently playable in the latest iteration of the fan-favorite mode. After spending nearly 20 hours in just the COD Zombies mode alone, I can definitely attest to the map’s offering of huge Verdansk vibes.

Rather than trying to incorporate MW3 maps or iconic locations for the franchise’s past in an inorganic manner, Urzikstan manages to encapsulate most of the hallmarks that made Verdansk so memorable. Of course, the jury is still out on whether it’ll be a hit with long-time Warzone fanatics, but MW3 Zombies‘ success is a good indicator as to how well the map has been received so far.

You can also expect improvements to Warzone movement and combat to carry over from Modern Warfare 3 too, as a fresh blog post clarifies the following: “Warzone will be updated to include many of the new movement mechanics, encompassing maneuvering from both Call of Duty: Warzone and from Modern Warfare 3. Examples include slide cancelling, Tac-Stance and more.”

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With the new Warzone map on the way, we all know that the most important thing going forward is studying the evolving Warzone meta. We’ve already the rise of new Warzone meta, as the roster of MW3 guns in MW3 multiplayer are giving us an early glimpse of what is set to dominate Urzikstan. For now, you can get prepared with the best Warzone loadouts available, as well as the best Warzone guns we’ve been testing out on the battlefield.