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New Warzone meta begins to form as MW3 guns show early promise

The rise of a new Warzone meta is taking shape as Call of Duty players can sample fresh MW3 guns, with some clear outliers already.

new warzone meta guns weapons

Most Warzone players are already waving goodbye to Al Mazrah, as new map Urzikstan is on the horizon. Alongside the release of the next Warzone map, the vast arsenal of MW3 guns will be available in the Call of Duty battle royale spin-off. With some weapons already dominating on the battlefield, it is clear that a new Warzone meta is emerging.

While we can’t wield the extensive collection of MW3 guns in Warzone just yet, it is evident that a select few weapons are laying waste to any players that get in their way. The game has only opened its servers in the last day, but according to CODMunity‘s loadout tracking tool and WZ Stats, you might be surprised to see weapons that obliterated in the MW3 beta still reigning supreme.

You’ll notice that weapons like the Bas-B and Rival-9 are absent, as we believe the aforementioned selection are the key guns to focus your efforts on. Most of these weapons will be popular in terms of pick rate as they appear in many default classes, as was the case in the MW3 beta. However, after testing our own configuration for the best MW3 MCW loadout, we’re confident it will still meet the mark in Warzone. Even with tweaks ahead of launch, and more to come when Urzikstan arrives, the following weapons are the ones to level up right now:

  • MCW
  • WSP Swarm
  • Striker
  • Holger 566
  • MTZ-556

As the new MW3 Zombies mode takes place in Urzikstan, we think that looking toward assault rifle’s like the Holger 556 or MTZ-556 will serve you well in long range skirmishes. Like the transition to bring Black Ops Cold War weapons to Warzone, it is a possibility that the new map will feel unbalanced in battle. However, these issues were ironed out promptly, and it will the case here too.

new Warzone meta guns

Keeping on top of the Warzone meta is vital for outplaying your opponents, as an underpowered firearm will lead to an early trip back to the lobby. Even though you can experiment plenty of the current best Warzone loadouts and best Warzone guns, we believe it is observing a shift in the Call of Duty zeitgeist, as the game’s counterpart introduces new weapons to master.