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All Call of Duty MW3 reveal event rewards

If you’re hoping to stock up on cosmetics before the release of the upcoming FPS, here are the Call of Duty MW3 reveal event rewards you can get.

Call of Duty MW3 reveal event rewards: Soap from MW2 imposed in front of an image of the Warzone observation POI

Getting free stuff is always nice, and with the upcoming event in Warzone, players can get a bunch of sweet cosmetics and other goodies, which will carry forward to the new COD game. But for those wanting to know what you can get, we’ve got the list of all Call of Duty MW3 reveal event rewards here.

To celebrate the upcoming Call of Duty MW3 release date, Activision is celebrating the next chapter in the Modern Warfare series with an event in Call of Duty Warzone. The Call of Duty MW3 reveal will undoubtedly be a great time to bid farewell to MW2 and get excited about the next game.

All Call of Duty MW3 reveal event rewards

The full list of Call of Duty MW3 reveal event rewards is:

  • M13C (New assault rifle)
  • Tier Skip (Battle pass token)
  • Crimson Sound (Calling Card)
  • Konni Group (Emblem)
  • Gas Canister (Charm)
  • Serpent Slayer (Vehicle skin)

For those interested in taking part, the event is starting in Warzone at 10:30 PST / 13:30 EST / 18:30 BST on Thursday, August 17, 2023.

Obviously, the best reward is the Warzone M13C, a new assault rifle that is a counterpart of the great M13B that has been an incredible weapon since its release in Season 1. However, the Tier Skip and the other cosmetics (which you can see below) are all extra goodies and more reasons to join the event.

MW3 reveal event rewards: an image of everything you can get from the Warzone Shadow Siege event challenges

This will be the closest experience we get to Modern Warfare 3, at least until the Call of Duty MW3 beta dates, which you’ll need to make your Call of Duty MW3 pre-orders to get access. Fortunately, the Call of Duty MW3 maps leaks seems to suggest it’ll certainly be worth playing for some classic COD locations.

Are the Call of Duty MW3 reveal rewards worth getting?

While the cosmetics are completely personal preference, the main reason you’ll want to join the event is for the M13C. It will likely be available to unlock after the event with an unlock challenge, like most weapons, but this will undoubtedly be easier than completing any objectives to get the weapon.

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And just like how the Call of Duty MW2 skins transfer to MW3, you’ll be able to use any unlocked MW2 weapons in Modern Warfare 3, so you’ll get an additional gun to use when the next game finally launches.

That’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Call of Duty MW3 reveal event rewards. Whether you’re excited to jump into some Call of Duty MW3 multiplayer, or you’re hoping for some great Call of Duty MW3 zombies experiences, we’re anticipating that this will be one of the best FPS games for the foreseeable future.