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Will MW2 skins transfer to MW3?

Find out the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 skin transfer and carry forward details from MW2 to find out if you can use your cosmetics in the 2023 game.

MW3 skin transfer MW2: A soldier holding a weapon at the ready, pointing left. Behind them is a humanoid cat wearing uniform.

Will MW2 skins transfer to MW3? With Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (2023) building upon the foundation of MW2, it’s important to know all the MW3 carry forward details, including whether MW2 skins transfer to MW3. After all, each season brought with it tons of great cosmetics and weapon blueprints that players can and did purchase, so it’s natural to wonder if you’ll have access to them in Modern Warfare 3. So, here’s all the MW3 skin transfer details.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has officially been announced by Activision following several teases, including information about whether MW2 skills will transfer to MW3. While we eagerly await the official Call of Duty MW3 release date so we can dive into MW3 multiplayer, here’s all the MW3 carry forward details so you can get your MW3 pre-order in with peace of mind.

Will MW2 skins transfer to MW3?

MW2 skins are expected to transfer to MW3 (2023) based on a poll by the official Call of Duty Twitter account which suggests skins, Operators, weapons, and bundles will carry forward into the 2023 game.

While Activision is yet to officially confirm any details, the poll gave participants the option of ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes, when is the reveal?’, all but confirming that skins and other microtransactions will indeed transfer into the sequel. Most excitingly, we should be hearing more about the MW2 carry forward details soon, as revealed in a follow-up post.

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However, this seemingly confirms that all your precious microtransactions, such as skins/Operators, weapons, and bundles will transfer, so you’re unlikely to lose access to them. Given the anticipated similarities between MW2 and MW3, it’s not surprising for them to transfer as both games are set to run on the same engine with similar features. As such, these elements should be relatively simple to port and transfer into Modern Warfare 3, and it looks like that’s what will be happening with the latest release.

So, if you’ve recently purchased Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, or any other cosmetic in MW2, fret not. Interestingly, this means that MW3 is set to begin its lifecycle with some of the more outlandish skins and cosmetics at launch, such as the aforementioned hip-hop artists or the cat skin Sgt. Pspsps. Typically, Call of Duty launches with more grounded and realistic cosmetics before coming out with more over-the-top ones later on. While this was the case with MW2, cosmetics carrying forward would break this trend in Modern Warfare 3.

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Will Warzone skins transfer to MW3?

Warzone skins are expected to transfer to MW3 (2023), much like the process with MW2 multiplayer given the games are all interconnected. As such, you can expect to carry forward your Warzone cosmetics in Modern Warfare 3.

The aforementioned official poll which all but confirmed several microtransactions would transfer between MW2 multiplayer and MW3, should also apply to Warzone since the titles are all connected, with cosmetics, achievements, loadouts, and more carrying over between them. Therefore, it would be highly surprising if Activision decided to refresh Warzone in isolation.

That covers all the MW2 carry forward details and whether MW2 skills transfer to MW3. Besides all the potential cosmetics available in the 2023 sequel, we’re looking forward to the MW3 maps and MW3 modes which will spruce up the gameplay. And we can’t forget about the MW3 guns, which are set to bring back some old favorites and new additions to the arsenal.