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XDefiant Double XP weekend begins to ease your meta grind

The path to crafting awesome loadouts gets easier as the XDefiant Double XP kicks off to reduce the grind in Ubisoft's free-to-play FPS.

XDefiant Double XP weekend: An image of the Cleaners faction in XDefiant and a Double XP booster logo.

If you weren’t sure what to play this weekend, XDefiant just became your priority. Ubisoft’s brand-new PS5 and Xbox shooter is finally here after a rather long wait, and it’s welcoming players into its first XDefiant Double XP weekend, which we’re exceptionally thrilled about. Why? Because the game’s weapon grind isn’t forgiving, and this is the boost we all need to craft some truly filthy loadouts.

Yes, set aside some time over the weekend for XDefiant, as you don’t want to miss out on all those easy XP gains. In a recent social media post, Ubisoft confirms that the FPS game will celebrate its launch week with “Double XP on weapons”. It all starts Friday, May 24, 2024, until Tuesday, May 28, 2024. PS5 and Xbox players can expect the XP boost to be active from 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm BST. It’ll also conclude at the same time next week.

If you’re yet to step inside the new multiplayer game’s arenas, then you might not be aware just how merciless the XDefiant weapon grind is right now. Don’t get us wrong, we love working toward crafting the best XDefiant loadouts possible, but it feels unnecessarily slow to unlock even the most basic of weapon attachments right now. Despite this, the XDefiant meta is forming, and you don’t want to be left on the sidelines as it takes shapes.

XDefiant Double XP Weekend: An image of the XDefiant Double XP logo.

Weapons like the ACR are among the top of the list, proving to be fierce tools in the hands of players mastering every ability available from all the XDefiant Factions. In my experience with the shooter, you can’t go wrong with the Phantoms, easily one of the most versatile XDefiant classes in the game. Armed with a handy deployable Mag Barrier, this is ideal for holding down capture points, while pushing back your enemies from afar.

Pairing a firearm like the MP7 with the Cleaners’ passive Incendiary Rounds is also another deadly combo worth considering. Although these weapons are fantastic, they’re nowhere near as efficient without decent attachments, and you’ll need to level up steadily to acquire them.

While you’re settling in for a weekend Double XP goodness, don’t forget to claim your free XDefiant PS Plus pack if you’re a PS5 owner. Regardless of platform, though, it is worth checking out the XDefiant Founder’s Pack before purchasing the battle pass.

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