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This XDefiant bundle is more essential than the battle pass

The XDefiant Founders Pack is worth considering before buying the battle pass, especially if you want those extra XCoins in your pocket.

XDefiant Founder's Pack: An image of the Echelon faction and XCoins in XDefiant

XDefiant is finally live on PS5 and Xbox – it’s a moment that feels long overdue, that’s for sure. If you’re already hooked on Ubisoft’s new FPS, you’re probably tempted to acquire the XDefiant battle pass. Don’t pull the trigger on it just yet, though, as there’s an easy way to get more bang for your buck with the XDefiant Founder’s Pack instead.

Getting your hands on the slickest cosmetics isn’t always cheap in FPS games these days, but we reckon this XDefiant bundle is essential for kicking off your battle pass grind. Ubisoft’s first battle pass for XDefiant costs 700 XCoins, meaning you’ll need to buy 1000 XCoins ($9.99/£7.99) to gain access to it. However, if you head over to the multiplayer game’s store, you can feast your eyes upon the XDefiant Founder’s Pack instead. The bundle not only gives you 1,000 XCoins, but you’ll get access to the following benefits:

  • DedSec faction unlocked with all characters
  • Game Over legendary skin for Sebastian
  • Game Over legendary skin for the P90 SMG
  • DedSec player card
  • Bronze Founder’s player card
  • Five Weapon XP boosts

The bundle will cost you slightly more at $19.99/£15.99, but the early access to the DedSec faction is worth it, alongside sufficient currency for the battle pass. Better yet, you’ll even have some XCoins left after purchasing it. For other PS5 and Xbox players, you’ll need to grind out 700,000 XP before this XDefiant faction is available. This is part of Ubisoft’s mission to make content that could impact gameplay available to all, rather than locking it exclusively behind a paywall.

As the Founder’s Pack is intended for players enjoying the long-awaited launch period of XDefiant, it is likely that it won’t be around in the in-game store for long. Once you’re ready to go, regardless of your purchase, what can you expect on the battlefield right now? Well, XDefiant is getting off to a strong start if you’re a Splinter Cell fan, as the excellent Echelon faction is fixed and ready for deployment.

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You need to try out this faction purely for the Sonar Goggles Ultra ability, which soaks the environment in that iconic night vision glow, letting you blast enemies away with the fan-favorite Third Echelon 5.7 pistol. While you’re having fun with your squad, you don’t need to worry about getting obliterated out of the gate either, as XDefiant doesn’t feature SBMM in any of its casual playlists.

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