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Fortnite’s new Fallout and Marvel skins are cool, but where’s Mad Max?

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 plunges you into a new wasteland with Fallout and Marvel collabs, but the most obvious crossover is missing.

Fortnite Season 3: An image of the Fallout Power Armor skin and Mad Max.

Fortnite Season 3 launches today for PS5 and Xbox players, bringing a massive apocalyptic wasteland to explore with it. It’s out with the opulence of ancient Rome, and in with fresh crossovers from the Fallout and Marvel universe. There’s plenty to be excited about in the new Fortnite update, but what one question remains: where is Mad Max?

With long-time Mad Max franchise custodian George Miller releasing Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga into theaters this weekend, the absence of a Mad Max franchise crossover has us scratching our heads. All the ingredients are there, too, as Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 introduces improved vehicle combat and a focus on turning your ride into a fiery wasteland warrior. Despite this, Epic’s battle royale game is currently focusing on two other exciting crossovers for players to enjoy from the get-go.

Following on the immense popularity of the recent Amazon Prime TV show, Bethesda’s Fallout franchise debuts in Fortnite with a selection of incredibly awesome T-60 Power Armor skins, Nuka Cola health pickups, and the Tri-Beam Laser Rifle. It’s great to see the T-60 Power Armor available as a permanent purchase, as previous speculation around the multiplayer game suggested it would feature purely as a limited-time Mythic item. Instead, you only need to purchase the battle pass for 950 V-Bucks, which features the T-60 Power Armor alongside an extra skin reserved for July’s challenges: Magneto.

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The iconic X-Men villain and sometimes-ally will be available to unlock in his ‘Wasteland’ variant. If you’re not a fan of the character’s signature helmet (explain yourself), then you’ll be glad to know that Magneto will also come with an unmasked variant too. Marvel’s presence in Fortnite has always been exciting, and with Magneto joining the fight, we’re hopeful there are some surprises in store as the season progresses. Can you bring back the Chapter 2 Season 4 Wolverine skin please, Epic?

As mentioned earlier, Season 3’s pivot to wasteland battles will see you rely on your vehicle more than ever. Modding your chosen vehicle returns to game, and here’s what you can expect to add to your ride, according to the latest Fortnite patch notes:

  • Machine Gun Turret (roof slot): Have a passenger fire a machine gun while someone else drives
  • Grenade Launcher Turret (roof slot): Some would call this littering, but the Grenades will get rid of themselves by exploding
  • Spiked Bumper (front bumper slot): Deal more damage to players and objects on impact
  • Cow Catcher (front bumper slot): Boost your ramming power and give your car some defensive armor
  • Bulletproof Tires (tires slot): Tired of tire poppers? Make your tires indestructible!
  • Chonkers Off-Road Tires (tires slot): Make your car more off-road friendly. Especially useful if you’re not driving an SUV

Similarly themed ground loot will add a dose of speed to your on-foot movement too, as the new Nitro Splash item will increase your reload speed, pace, stamina, and protect you temporarily from fall damage.

Fortnite T-60 Power Armor: An image of a Brotherhood of Steel Knight in Fortnite Season 3.

In other gaming news, an FPS game juggernaut returns with Black Ops 6 later this year, and three major pieces of information have already been confirmed. If you’re also diving into XDefiant this week, then make sure you’re in the know when it comes to the XDefiant meta – it’s brutal out there.