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Kill the Justice League XP boost goes live to ease battle pass woes

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League players need to take advantage of this Kill the Justice League XP boost before it disappears.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League XP boost: An image of Harley Quinn swinging her bat in Metropolis.

Live service games are grindy in nature, and Kill the Justice League is no different. Even if you’re a fan of Rocksteady’s DC Comics shooter, you’ll likely agree that the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League isn’t exactly generous with gaining XP. Now, PS5 and Xbox players can make use of this great Kill the Justice League XP boost.

According to Rocksteady Games, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League players can “hop into Metropolis for bonus XP for a limited time.” The XP Boost is live now, and began on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. Currently, there isn’t any set date for the XP boost’s conclusion, but we eager it’ll be around for a week at the most. Regardless, that’s plenty of time to round your pals and get to work blasting Brainiac’s forces in some good old-fashioned co-op game fun.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s first season is currently underway, and you’ve got until July to complete the battle pass. Sure, it sounds like an easy task, as there is still a couple of months until then. However, PS5 and Xbox players will know by now just how laborious the multiplayer game‘s progression systems are. After spending four hours grinding for the Joker, we’re more concerned about outfitting each Suicide Squad member with decent builds, rather than cosmetics.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League XP Boost: An image of Hack in Kill the Justice League.

If you’re yet to dive into Season 1, you might not be aware that the present meta is defined by Scarecrow Infamy gear. Earned by completing this season’s Incurions missions, Scarecrow gear is vital to breaking enemies like the new Green Lantern shield grunts. That means if you’ve been putting all your efforts into Bane Infamy gear, you’ll need to rethink your approach.

The Joker is exceptionally fun to play as, with excellent traversal and slick combat animations selling just how efficient he can be in combat. It gives us hope for Deathstroke’s arrival in the game, if we get that far, that is. What we do know is that Season 2 is still on track to debut, and it could be a very chilling update according to these leaks.

Now is the perfect time to jump if you’re looking for a heavy discount on Kill the Justice League too, but there isn’t long left to claim it.

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