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Kill the Justice League update back pedals on annoying Craze changes

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League's new update tweaks afflictions in Suicide Squad Season 1, ensuring your Bane builds aren't useless.

Kill the Justice League update: An image of the Joker and Superman Brainiac in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Season 1.

Kill the Justice League has been encouraging players to farm Bane Infamy gear before the launch of Suicide Squad Season 1. However, the game’s first season made this gear near-useless, forcing players to use Scarecrow builds instead. Now, a forthcoming Suicide Squad update will breathe new life into Poison afflictions and inflicting Craze status effects on Brainiac’s forces.

Following the heavily maligned launch of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Season 1, Rocksteady is working on several changes for the struggling co-op game, based on the “biggest topics we’ve seen among the community.” Notably, the studio will rework Craze Immunity, to aid the usage of Bane Infamy builds. At the start of Season 1, the duration of effects from the affliction Venom Frenzy was reduced by a staggering 50% on all enemy types.

This decision pertains to the new Green Lantern enemy types, which require their shields to be broken by a limited number of methods – including the new Poison affliction. Now, Rocksteady is ensuring that enemies are “no longer immune to Venom Frenzy” while renaming Craze Immunity to Craze Tolerance. This tweak isn’t completely without caveats for the divisive multiplayer game, as Crazed enemies will take 50% less damage.

Kill the Justice League update: An image of the April 5, 2024, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League patch notes.

Venom Frenzy builds won’t deal damage like the Poison builds will, but they are still somewhat viable in your loadouts now. In our experience, we’ve been incorporating Master weapons from the Bane Infamy set into our secondary, favoring the No Holds Barred shotgun. If you can achieve your max combo and compliment your other weapons by visiting Toyman to tweak your weapon’s stats, you’ll find that Venom Frenzy can still make an impact.

However, we recommend saving your best Venom Frenzy builds with the game’s loadout saving feature, as you can still revisit Season 0 (Finite Crisis) to earn any gear you haven’t acquired yet. This includes the golden skins for each Suicide Squad member, which are unlocked at Finite Crisis Level 100.

As we’ve naturally veered away from Venom Frenzy during our time with Season 1, we’ve been leaning into the huge potential that the Joker’s combat offers. He might be a bit of a glass cannon with Poison gear equipped, but you can easily shred down enemies and inflict dozens of stacked status effects. You’ll see gear of this nature improved, too, as further tweaks set to be implemented include:

  • Burn & Poison buff
    • Increased damage over time for Burn and Poison at higher mastery levels.
  • Battle Pass XP gain increase
    • Double Battle Pass XP from missions
  • Increased drop chance for Master items at higher Mastery Levels
  • Damage reduction from Nightmare stacks gained from the Tier 3 Scarecrow Infamy Set bonus has been increased to 20% (Up from 10%)
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