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With 50% off on Xbox now, Kill the Justice League is worth playing

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League has a massive 50% discount in the Xbox Spring Sale, following Suicide Squad Season 1's launch.

Two months after launch and Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is already getting a massive discount. While that might set off the red flags if you’ve been following the game’s reception, this is actually the ideal time to pick up Rocksteady’s super-villain shooter. Kill the Justice League currently has a huge 50% off discount in the Xbox Spring Sale, and I reckon it is worth giving it a shot.

Compared to other new Xbox games out there, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League hasn’t had easy critically. I’ve had my fair share of concerns with the game’s lack of transparency regarding seasonal content. But if you’re a sucker for looter shooters, crafting powerful builds, and obliterating aliens, then you’ll find a genuinely great co-op game underneath it all. I’m approaching the 100-hour mark with the game, rinsing all of its endgame missions for every piece of Master gear, trying to turn my Captain Boomerang into the most formidable beanie hat toting villain in Metropolis.

Although, I’m nowhere near the heights that other players are achieving, with members of the multiplayer game‘s community amassing Finite Crisis Level 600. That’s what you’ll be working toward after completing the game’s story, which has been divisive, to say the least. However, if you’re open to seeing some multiversal madness and large creative swings, you’ll find a fun story that isn’t afraid to make fun of the superhero genre at large. It also contains a superb depiction of Wonder Woman, and what you’ve heard about Batman has been blown out of proportion.

Of course, the big question is will Kill the Justice League survive long enough to get your money’s worth? Despite some disappointing words from Warner Brothers, it appears that Rocksteady Studios is still committed to delivering a full year of content up until January 2025.

Plenty of leaks already reveal what you can expect in Season 2, including new playable villains, and even who will be arriving in January’s Season 4. Hints within the game also suggest some major story developments regarding the Justice League itself. Between each seasonal update, if you like chipping away at a battle pass, then you can essentially pay $9.99/£7.99 once, as you’ll earn enough Luthorcoins to acquire the next battle pass for free. The good thing is that battle passes don’t expire, as Rocksteady doesn’t want players to miss out, letting you play as your own pace.

Currently, the game’s first season is underway, which brings the Joker into action as a new playable villain. His traversal is absolutely cracked compared to the rest of the Squad, we just wish you didn’t have to earn Fear Levels first to unlock him. There’s also a suite of fresh weapons inspired by DC Comics rogue gallery highlights like Scarecrow, Merlyn, Dr. Poison, and Reverse Flash to acquire.

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