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This Starfield skill lets you mind-control aliens and that’s awesome

The Starfield Direct showcase delves into many of the Starfield skills you can harness, including the Xenosociology skill that has Star Wars-style mind control.

Starfield xbox summer showcase gameplay

There is a positively overwhelming amount of stuff to do in Starfield, as players can see in the recent Starfield Direct presentation at the Xbox Summer Showcase. Whether you become a space cowboy or an honorable astronaut, you’ll want to use Starfield skills to get the upper hand on the scourge of the galaxy. One way to do that is to mind-control aliens, of course.

During the Starfield Direct at the Xbox Summer Showcase, new gameplay details specify that players can harness the Xenosociology skill to outwit alien foes. The skill includes options such as Pacify, Flee, Frenzy, and Control to use, so you won’t necessarily have to send species like the Hunting Thormantis to a grave among the stars.

Other abilities that you can explore include Boost Pack Training and Neurostrikes. Boost Pack Training takes your jetpack navigation to another level, giving you that extra edge as you shoot your weapons with air superiority. Neurostrikes, however, give you a Saints Row-style sense of power as you punch enemies into oblivion.

Starfield Xenosociology skill

Hunting Thormantises are just some of the threats that await you. Once you’ve broken ground on many of the awe-inspiring Starfield planets, you’ll begin to counter all manner of people. Some will be friendly, easy-going folks just looking to make a living in the United Colony. Others will want to protect resources on planets like Cyndonia. Perhaps they might be a knight, of sorts.

Starfield Traits can even make you a legend with the locals too, though some fans seem to be a little too interested in your adventures. You can decide how those interactions go down though, depending on how you prepare your character to talk to strangers and Starfield companions in different Starfield factions.

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After you’ve slipped away from all the aliens, or bounty hunters looking for you, then one element you’ll probably consider is Starfield romance options. Everyone needs to find love, even if you’re 300,000,000 lightyears away in the grandiose canvas of Space.

It all sounds like the stuff of a sci-fi dream, so don’t miss out on the Starfield release date.