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Imagine Dragons is dropping into Starfield with a brand-new single

Ahead of the full release of Bethesda's upcoming Xbox RPG Starfield, American rock band Imagine Dragons has released an official Starfield pop song online.

Starfield Imagine Dragons song: an image of a woman in front of a Skyrim dragon

Bethesda’s Starfield is shaping up to be one of the best RPG games this generation has seen, maybe even one of the best games of all time. Yet, for some reason, the veteran open-world game developer has teamed up with American pop rock band Imagine Dragons to release a single. Titled ‘Children of the Sky’, the Starfield Imagine Dragons song has released mere hours before Starfield early access starts – and we’re not quite sure we like it.

Featuring cinematic scenes of some of the Starfield planets you’ll be able to explore, and some of the Starfield characters you’ll be able to meet along the way, the song – which is three-minutes and thirty seconds long – teases the official Starfield theme in epic ballad about taking to the stars and exploring.

To the band’s credit, this is a song that captures the essence of what makes Starfield so exciting quite well. It talks of exploration and wonder with a hopeful tone throughout. However, it’s also an Imagine Dragons song. If you don’t like them, you’re probably not going to like this? We’ll let you be the judge, though; check it out below:

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Arriving after a short countdown, teasing the collaboration, Imagine Dragons has continued its unusual history with videogames with Children of the Sky. The band’s iconic Radioactive featured in an Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer back in the day and it released Warriors for League of Legends’ 2014 Worlds competition – if you were curious.

Now, though, while you’re reading up on all the Starfield ship customization options you can choose from and deciding which Starfield skills you’ll be using, you can listen to Imagine Dragons’ new Starfield song. How lovely, right?

If you want to know a little bit more about this RPG ahead of the Starfield release date, you can check out our Starfield preview right here. We know this game doesn’t have this iconic Fallout feature, and there will be more than enough Starfield legendary ships out there to humble any hotshot pilots, but it’s still looking like a fantastic time. You can check out more on Starfield pre-orders here, if you want to play it as soon as possible.

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