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Starfield’s food is delicious, mysterious, and completely cursed

From health-reducing Orange Juice to space Spam, Bethesda's Xbox RPG Starfield is going to be packed with both delicious-looking and cursed-sounding food.

Starfield Food: an image of a woman in front of a bunch of sandwhiches

If there’s one part of Starfield people really aren’t talking enough about ahead of the release date, it’s the food. Sure, the extensive ship customization options look like a lot of fun and we can all imagine ourselves spending way too many hours in the character creation suite, but Starfield‘s food really should be getting more attention – beyond the fact that your first ship will set you back about 98 sandwiches, of course. From what we know so far, quite a lot of it looks delicious. But, there are some rather mysterious items on the menu – and, of course, some cursed ones too.

That doesn’t mean we don’t want to try any of them, though. The Patty Melt, for example, is “a hamburger patty smothered in cheese and grilled on toast” that’s “usually served with a side of chipped potatoes” and a rather large amount of tomato sauce. Just take a look at it below, doesn’t that look nice to you?

Well, Starfield subreddit Spacer ‘ErikSknol‘ actually made one when the Starfield Direct dropped earlier in the year. Sure, it’s just a cheeseburger in toast, but that isn’t a bad thing.

Tried to make the patty melt. Worked out well enough
by u/ErikSKnol in Starfield

If you’re wanting something a little more mysterious, Starfield also has a food item called “Midnight Delight” – and it’s made from “a smattering of available ingredients”. What does that mean? Your guess is as good as ours, but we do know that this is some sort of “multi-meat” item. So, it’s a bit like Spam – right?

Whatever it is, we think it’s quite amusing that Bethesda is listing a small pouch of Spam-like meat as a snack. When you look at the fact that it’s 0.30 mass and a slice of toast is 0.10 mass, it certainly sounds like it could be quite a big bit of Spam. Sure, Spam weighs more than toast, but the term Mass is something relating to the actual amount of an item – not it’s weight. However, it looks like Bethesda is using Mass in Starfield like it uses Weight in it’s other RPG games – like Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

Starfield food: an image of some Midnight Delight in the Xbox RPG

If that doesn’t interest you though, there’s an Orange Juice that actually reduced your overall health for a minute – despite being rumored to be “the most refreshing Orange Juice in all the Settled Systems”. We know fruit juice isn’t always as good for you as eating the actual fruit, but to have it actually negatively impact your health is just a little bit cursed – right?

Well, we think so. If you’re trying to live a healthy life in Starfield, it looks like cheeseburger melts and – if you can find them – some space-age delicacies like Trilo Bites are the way forward.

Starfield food: an image of some Orange Juice from the Xbox RPG

If you want to know all the confirmed food items in-game so far, we have them listed below:

  • Alien Jerky
  • Boom Pop! Cola
  • Midnight Delight
  • Orange Juice of Transcendence
  • Patty Melt
  • Sandwich
  • Synthameat Steak
  • Ta’Ameya Pita
  • Toast
  • Trilo Bites

You can get a look at some of them below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Bethesda’s Starfield is shaping up to be one of the best Xbox RPG games we’ve ever seen. In fact, it could very-well be one of the best Xbox games of all time when it drops – that is, if everything ends up as good as it looks at the moment. Of course, though, only time will tell how good this game truly is. We can all get excited about how Starfield’s aliens could be the key to unlocking snazzier spacesuits, and we can marvel at the sheer number of planets there will be to explore.

However, Bethesda head Todd Howard has confirmed what we all feared about exploration – a cruel reminder that this game isn’t going to be perfect when it launches. Although, when it comes to food and things like the Midnight Delight, we don’t think Starfield is missing a beat and we’ve only scratched the surface of all the weird and wonderful consumables available in this upcoming Xbox game.

For the complete Starfield food database, check out Starfield Db – a handy Starfield reference tool for Starfield items and more.