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Asmongold claims Starfield is “boring” amid first impressions of RPG

Twitch streamer Asmongold is deep into his Starfield playthrough, and while many are loving the Bethesda RPG, he isn't as impressed with the Xbox and PC RPG.

Starfield asmongold first impressions

Everyone with an Xbox or PC is likely heading into Starfield early access right now, including the likes of streaming superstars such as Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek and ‘Asmongold‘. While the former has been causing chaos across many of the Starfield planets, Asmongold is sharing his thoughts on the long-awaited RPG with his Twitch audience.

Asmongold is hours into Starfield at this point, and though the game’s early reviews are mostly positive, the streamer has mixed thoughts on the game. While his first impressions are simply “I have enjoyed the game”, Asmongold clarifies that “is it really a good game? I don’t know. maybe.” The streamer is enjoying stealing and messing around with civilians, but Asmongold takes issue with Starfield‘s story above all so far.

“The storyline, I literally do not give a fuck. It’s an obvious plot device. It was dumb, like I don’t care about it. Just take me to the next area, allow me to continue the grand adventure,” the streamer says. Furthermore, Asmongold adds that “it’s not that it’s boring, it’s just that I don’t care.” During his playthrough, Asmongold shares that he isn’t too enamored with getting through the main quest: “I did almost none of the main story.”

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Another element that he takes aim at is ship traversal: “Honestly, I don’t like controlling the spaceship. It’s like controlling a boat.” However, most players so far are likely to disagree with the streamer, considering how in-depth Starfield ship customization is. We’re already seeing some excellent creations come to life, including these custom Starfield ships.

Overall, Asmongold concludes this stream by saying he did have “fun” playing the game, but doesn’t care for implementing mods “or any of that stuff.” Nevertheless, if you are engaged with diving into Starfield lore, unlike Asmongold, then we recommend starting with learning about all the Starfield characters. Once you’ve become acquainted with them, get updated on every one of the Starfield factions, so you can choose where your allegiance lies.

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