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5 of the best custom Starfield ships from Halo, Marvel, Mass Effect

Starfield ship customization will consume hours of your time, and cunning Xbox and PC players are already crafting iconic ships from Halo, Marvel, and more.

starfield 5 best ships

Choosing where to begin with crafting ships in Starfield is a very time-consuming task – in a good way of course. All of us at The Loadout have already spent considerable time during Starfield early access trying to make some epic creations, with some pretty hilarious failures along the way. If you want to see some seriously impressive ships built out from Starfield ship customization, we’ve put together 5 of the best hailing from the worlds of Marvel, Halo, and more.

Traveling around space with style isn’t necessary in Starfield, but it is always nice to roam around on a ship with a bit of flair. Kicking off our list is a ship that belongs to a crew with plenty of attitude: the Guardians of the Galaxy.

5. The Milano from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

TikTok content creator ‘spectrexgaming’ has been showing all manner of amazing Starfield discoveries and creations, including these brilliant Star Wars ships. However, if you’re more of an MCU fan, then feasting your eyes upon the Milano from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise isn’t to be missed. You’ll need a fair bit of credits for this one, as the TikTok user shows how meticulously accurate this build is. Crank the soundtracks for the trilogy on Spotify and you’ll have a blast flying around in this one.

@spectrexgaming Replying to @Silent Yeet what next? #gamingontiktok #starfield #whattoplay ♬ Come and Get Your Love – Redbone

4. SR2 Normandy from the Mass Effect games

Channel your inner Commander Shepherd with this one. Spectrexgaming showcases a “fully operational” recreation of the SR2 Normandy, rather than the SSV Normandy. Sadly, as Mass Effect fans will know, the latter was destroyed during the evacuation of the ship in Mass Effect 2. Nevertheless, pay tribute to both iterations as you journey across the galaxy.

@spectrexgaming Replying to @tinypizzawizzard what should be next? #gamingontiktok #starfield #whattoplay ♬ Mass Effect 3 – Leaving Earth – Main Theme – Geek Music

3. Forward Unto Dawn from Halo

Referred to simply as ‘The Dawn’ by crew members in the Halo universe, this massive light frigate ship will easily stand out, whether you’re docked or engaging in a dogfight. Though it is a bit cumbersome for space combat, this remnant from the Humna-Covenant War is a fine piece of Halo history.

@spectrexgaming Replying to @frankcempa what next? #gamingontiktok #starfield #whattoplay ♬ Halo 3 – One Final Effort – Main Theme – Geek Music

2. Optimus Prime from Transformers

If somehow you avoided everything to do with the game ahead of the Starfield release date, then you’ll have missed this brilliant introduction to custom ships in the Starfield Direct. Though Bethesda doesn’t outright say that this creation is based on Optimus Prime from Transformers, it is very clear that’s where the resemblance is leaning. We’ve yet to see anyone recreate this in the game yet, so maybe you could be the first.

@kvnpld You can build Optimus Prime as your Ship! #optimusprime #starfield #bethesda #toddhoward ♬ original sound – Kevin Polder

1. Battlecruiser from Starcraft

It didn’t take long for Starcraft veterans to bring the game’s array of spacecraft to Starfield, and Redditor ‘DrunkenComrade’ is doing just that with his recreation of a Battlecruiser. “My take on a Battlecruiser from Starcraft. Unfortunately, I can’t make any changes to it since I’ve run into a bug in the ship editor,” explains the Starfield player. Thankfully, other players are stepping in to offer advice on how to fix a minor error.

This is one of the more expensive ships we’ve seen, as the Redditor says “it costs around 120k credits to build.” The Battlecruiser is seen in Starcraft, Starcraft Ghost, and Starcraft 2. You can even get it as a pet in Diablo, taking the form of Dominion’s Revenge.

Battlecruiser operational
by u/DrunkenComrade in Starfield

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