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Star Wars fans are having a field day with Starfield’s ship creator

Check out some amazing Star Wars ships recreated in Starfield's ship building system, including the Millennium Falcon, The Mandalorian's Razor Crest, and more.

Starfield Star Wars ship builds Xbox: an image of a spaceman and Mandalorian

As well as being a sprawling galactic RPG, Starfield is already proving itself as a gold mine for player-generated content – especially for Star Wars lovers. It might not be perfect, as our Starfield review explains, but it’s still easily one of the best RPG games of the year, and its in-depth ship builder is one of the reasons for that. If you don’t believe us, check out some of these amazing Star Wars ships being created in Starfield.

When not leveling up the best Starfield skills or building Starfield outposts, players can modify their space ships or create new ones completely from scratch thanks to an in-depth, modular ship building system. Content creator ‘SpectreXGaming‘ has been pushing the full suite of Starfield ship customization options to its limits with builds based on some of the most iconic ships you can find in A Galaxy Far, Far Away. Although their own attempt at the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s hunk of junk, is impressive enough, their Razor Crest build – a ship that you may recognize from The Mandalorian – is truly exceptional.

You can check out the Millennium Falcon below. It’s not quite as perfect as it could be, but definitely far from a bad attempt all things considered. We do wish Bethesda would let players utilize that iconic bright blue, curved rear thruster, though. We feel as though that would really take this build to another level.

@spectrexgaming The ship customization options are wild #gamingontiktok #starfield #whattoplay ♬ Star Wars – The Original Movies Orchestra

Anyway, onto the Razor Crest. As you can see below, posted on their TikTok account like the others, the Razor Crest is fully-functional and features fairly accurate engine placement, nose-mounted weapons, and the cockpit in the right place – when you think about the whole profile of the ship itself.

Sure, the outer hull plating isn’t going to be quite as shiny as the Razor Crest, and the shape could be a little smoother, but it really is a fantastic effort when you consider the tools you’re working with. We don’t think Starfield will have any sort of carbon freezing chamber, though. So, you might have to fill that area of the hull with something else.

@spectrexgaming Replying to @bora_jxck this is the way #gamingontiktok #starfield #whattoplay ♬ The Mandalorian – Ludwig Göransson

You may not have much room, though. This Razor Crest build looks surprisingly to scale. However, this content creator has attempted to build a “Mini Star Destroyer” in Starfield, too. This one, as you can see for yourself below, isn’t quite to scale. It does, though, capture the essence of what makes an Imperial Star Destroyer so iconic – and so foreboding.

Whether this will impress, or strike fear in the hearts of, any of the Starfield factions, though, is not quite clear. We do think ships like this will be a nice place to jump between Starfield planets with your favorite Starfield companions, though.

@spectrexgaming Replying to @taylor Manning how did I do? #gamingontiktok #starfield #whattoplay ♬ Star Wars – The Imperial March Theme – Geek Music

Over on Reddit, the Star Wars creations continue. Starfield players have shared their recreations of X-Wings and Y-Wings, and they also look pretty awesome.

X-Wing – Custom Build
by u/Fudgiebrown in Starfield

Y-Wing in Starfield
by u/Shmyfe in StarWars

While ship-building in Starfield is meant to be an expensive late-game activity, that’s not stopping these Star Wars fans from sinking hours into their creations so early on in the game’s life. Over time, expect to see more accurate and impressive builds of Star Wars ships – and other iconic pop culture spaceships – appearing online.

Still looking for more? While a good Starfield wiki can be a handy source of information, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.