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Redfall bosses - all vampire gods to beat

If you’re hoping to save the town of Redfall, you’ll need to defeat every vampire god on the Redfall bosses list to complete the game.

Redfall Bosses: Bloody Tom in Redfall trailer

While there are plenty of vampires and cultists you’ll need to defeat in the latest game from Arkane Studios, the Redfall bosses list is a main priority. The bosses, also known as the vampire gods, are what the cults and the existing creatures of the night look up to, so you’ll want to take them down to save this sleepy town.

While there are plenty of Redfall vampires and cultists walking the streets looking for any survivors, such as yourself, you’ll need to find and kill the vampire gods, as they aren’t hanging around waiting for you to hunt them. We know, as we had to deal with them during our Redfall review. So, open up the Redfall map, and here’s all of these pesky vampire gods you’ll need to kill.

Redfall bosses list

Here’s a list of all Redfall bosses you’ll need to beat to complete the game:

  • Hollow Man
  • Miss Whisper
  • Bloody Tom
  • Black Sun

We recommend finding some of Redfall’s best weapons before taking on any of the above bosses. You’re only as good as the guns you hold, so make sure to grab them before you head into any of the major boss fights.

Redfall bosses: Hollow Man boss in Redfall

Hollow Man

One of the executives at the corrupt Aevum Laboratories, the Hollow Man is a vampire god with eight arms and an exposed rib cage that is easily accessible for your bullets and stakes.

During the boss fight, he’ll spawn in vampire shades that will chase you, as well as bloodbags that protect him. You’ll want to kill the bloodbags connected to him so you can get back to pummeling him with all of your bullets.

Redfall bosses: Miss Whisper in Redfall

Miss Whisper

Another of the lead researchers and executives at Aevum Laboratories, Miss Whisper isn’t going to die without putting up a good fight. Within the walls of this foggy arena, Miss Whisper will throw homing projectiles at you, disappear and reappear to throw you off, and summon vampire shades to hunt you. Your best bet is to stay on the move, and shoot at her whenever she remains still.

Redfall bosses: Bloody Tom boss fight in Redfall

Bloody Tom

Even before Bloody Tom became the vampire god he is now, this Aevum Laboratories executive left his own father to die of his ailments. The ironic twist is that you use the same bell his father used to summon this vampire god and send him to hell.

The main issue to deal with in this boss fight is the vampiric gas that you can see across the map, which will slowly bring your health down. Keep an eye on your health bar and any gas near you, and keep your shots on Bloody Tom no matter which hole he reappears from, and you’ll bring him down.

Redfall bosses: Black Sun in Redfall

Black Sun

The worst of the worst comes when you face the Black Sun. Leader of the vampire gods, and the executive who first researched vampirisim, the Black Sun is also the cause of the eclipse in Redfall and the waves that stop anyone escaping.

You’ll want to kill any vampires in the area, deal with or kill The Totality to avoid him attacking you, and then untether the victims to start beating the Black Sun. After untethering all of the victims, you can then take her remnant to kill the final antagonist.

After defeating the four vampire gods, you’ve killed every major boss in the game. However, since they’re the current rulers of this vampiric Redfall, they won’t be an easy fight. So, make sure to try and reach the Redfall max level and spend time upgrading your character’s Redfall skill tree to give yourself the best chance against them.

That’s everything you need to know about the Redfall bosses. Whether you’re playing Redfall solo or with friends in Redfall multiplayer, check out our Redfall walkthrough for more guides on dealing with the blood-sucking creatures of the night.