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Redfall vampires guide - every monster revealed so far

Sharp teeth and super powers can only mean one thing - Redfall vampires. Here's everything we know so far about the monsters coming to Arkane's co-op shooter

Redfall Vampires: A vampire can be seen blocking out the sun

Who are the Redfall vampires? One of the most anticipated games of the year is Redfall, a four-player co-op first-person shooter. After a failed science experiment floods the fictional town of Redfall with villainous vampires who quickly take over the city, a foursome of unique survivors must band together to repel the bloodthirsty bad guys, and boy, are they bad. As with enemies in all co-op shooters, the Redfall vampires come in all shapes and sizes.

The Redfall release date is approaching fast, but some of these vampires will come at you faster. So, strap up your favourite Redfall weapons, and get ready to join friends in Redfall multiplayer, because there are plenty of nasty creatures across the Redfall map you’ll want to start hunting down.

Redfall Vampires: Jacob can be seen approaching a human cultist

Human Cultists

As is standard procedure in videogames where the world is turned upside down, a select group of survivors has decided that the enemies they’re fighting against aren’t so bad after all. Whether they’ve been manipulated by the vampires or they’re just choosing chaos, these cultists are deranged, armed to the teeth, and hostile to any human not in their ranks. A cheery bunch, they are.

Despite their arsenal of weapons and questionable allegiances to creatures that see them as food, these Human Cultists are exactly that: human. Approach them as you would any other human enemy in a first-person shooter, and you should have no problem taking them down.

Redfall Vampires: A vampire can be seen sttacking Layla


While the lowest-level vampiric enemies don’t have official names yet, calling them just “vampires” just seems a bit boring. For now, we’re calling them Minions because they’re horrifying and we want to fight them – just like a certain species of despicable yellow cretins.

The common enemies in Redfall are vampires, meaning they’ll have superior strength, speed, and agility as they rush at you and your party’s necks. Being the standard foe, we don’t expect to need many shots to defeat them, but despite that these vampires are much more than just cannon fodder standing between you and your next objective.

Based on the gameplay trailer from the Xbox Games Showcase – with enemies bouncing off of walls, spinning to avoid gunfire – we expect these grunts will be more agile and intelligent than, say, the hordes of zombies in Left 4 Dead. We’d recommend not getting surrounded in a fight, otherwise, you’ll end up as vampire chow in an instant.

Redfall Vampires: An Angler can be seen in a street


The first unique enemy type introduced for Redfall is the Angler, which was shown during the initial reveal trailer in 2021. This fiery-haired flier can produce a harpoon-like weapon made of glowing energy and throw it at the team, which not only can cause damage but also pull a teammate toward it, trapping and isolating that teammate temporarily.

As the trailer also highlights, defeating the Angler will be a team effort, especially if the baddie is able to capture a member of the team with its harpoon. Keep focusing on it, fending off other enemies as they appear, and the Angler should go down after some effort.

Redfall Vampires: A vampire can be seen holding up Remi

Other special types

Those are the only vampire types to whom we’ve been officially introduced, however we have seen a few glimpses of other enemy types we might have to face during our time in Redfall. For starters, the end of the reveal trailer gave us a look at a six-armed creature that can generate a massive ball of black energy in the sky, blocking out the sun.

The gameplay trailer from 2022 during Summer Game Fest, meanwhile, revealed a hunched-over vampire covered in red bulbous sacs. Once startled those sacs explode, sending blood everywhere and attracting any nearby vampires to its location.

These are small peeks at some of the horrors of Redfall’s vampires, and we have no idea what else may be lurking in the shadows waiting to take a bite out of us. Let’s hope the Redfall characters are more than equipped to take these guys down, right?