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Can you play a Redfall solo or single player campaign?

This article will take you through Redfall solo and single player and how it will work if you don't want to team up with your friends.

Redfall solo single-player: Layla can be seen using her shield

Redfall at first glance may look like a primarily multiplayer experience. However, the game doesn’t force you down the route of playing with others and there are options if you like a more solitary fps experience. In this article, we will take you through Redfall solo single player gameplay and what you can expect from it.

With the game now here, we know how the Redfall solo experience works from our Redfall review. No matter what, you’ll have an exciting Redfall voice actor and cast member voicing your chosen hero, but some other things may differ in solo too.

Can you play Redfall solo or single player?

Redfall can be played solo or single-player from beginning to end as the game has been built with both solo and multiplayer in mind. Players who play solo will not miss out on any content and get access to everything those who play Redfall multiplayer.

In a Bethesda blog post, studio director Harvey Smith said that “A huge emphasis for Redfall has been the solo experience, in keeping with Arkane’s passions”. When played alone, the game becomes less action-centric and focused on reconnaissance, gathering information on your enemies, and scouting them out to plan your best method of attack. There won’t be any kind of AI or bots in the game either so you can explore as much as you want.

Your progression will not carry over to any multiplayer games, however, unless you are the host of that game. The same works if you progress in multiplayer and then return to your solo game. You will pick up from your last solo mission.

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Now you know if you can play Redfall solo or single player, why not take a look at all four of the Redfall characters to figure out which one you want to play when you start the game? And, if you want a brief on what to expect from the cut-off island of Redfall, our Redfall map guide has you covered.