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Redfall max level - what is the level cap?

If you’re hoping to reach Redfall’s max level while taking on the hordes of vampires and cultists around, look no further than our guide.

Redfall max level: Black Sun casting magic in Redfall launch trailer

As you progress through the story of Redfall and figure out what is happening in this once sleepy town, you’ll be earning XP towards the Redfall max level. Each of the characters you play as has an expansive skill tree full of amazing upgrades to their abilities, but can you unlock everything?

No matter which of the Redfall characters you chose to play as, or if you’re hoping to play Redfall solo or with friends in Redfall multiplayer co-op, you’ll be aiming to be the strongest vampire hunter in the town. So, if you hope to be the ultimate hunter, here’s the level cap for the latest game from Arkane Studios.

Redfall max level

The max level in Redfall is level 40, which allows you to unlock all abilities in each character’s skill tree. Every time you increase your level, you’ll earn a skill point which can be spent on new skills, that you can find out more about in our Redfall skill tree guide.

Experience points, or XP, is earned by completing main and side missions, defeating enemies, unlocking safehouses, and more.

While unlocking new skills isn’t necessary, it makes the game a lot easier to complete. Not only do they make your chosen character’s abilities stronger, but they also increase how much ammunition you can hold, your recovery after being damaged, and general survivability. There’s also a range of passive skills that help too, such as Devinder’s skill that offers him more damage a few moments after being first spotted.

That’s everything you need to know about the Redfall max level, or the level cap as some of you may call it. There are plenty of Redfall vampires to take on, so make sure to use our Redfall walkthrough to help you save the town from the vampire gods.