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Redfall skill tree guide

Get an overview of how the Redfall skill tree works and how you can slowly upgrade the tree for your character of choice on Xbox or PC.

Redfall Skill Tree: Jacob and Layla can be seen

The Redfall skill tree is an intimidating-looking beast when you first begin your vampire-hunting adventures in Arkane’s latest game. But, to give you a brief overview before you get overwhelmed by it and try to figure out how to spend your skill points and where you should spend your skill points, we have an overview of how it works below.

Broken into the individual trees you can find a breakdown of what they all mean, including the skills focused around ammo, your character’s survivability, and health regeneration from our Redfall review playthrough. With an idea of how their skills work, you can then make the choice and pick the best character in Redfall or your favourite.

Redfall skill tree guide

The Redfall skill tree is split into five different sections, with an additional four skills at the top that boost your character’s survivability. The different sections of the tree are:

  • Ability 1 upgrades
  • Ability 2 upgrades
  • Ultimate ability upgrades
  • Ammo upgrades
  • Health regeneration upgrades

Each of the Redfall characters has the exact same amount of skills in each of these sections of the tree, as well as the four different survivability skills. Some skills do cost more than one skill point as well, so you will need to do some grinding in the open world to fully get some of the top upgrades.

Your choice of skill is up to you and how you really want to play your character of choice. If there is an ability you really like then focus on that, but if you want to survive better then some of the skills at the top of the tree or health regeneration are good picks. You can see what the skill tree looks like below for Layla:

Redfall Skill Tree: Layla's skill tree can be seen

We will have a deeper in-depth look at these skill trees coming soon, so be sure to stick around as we continue to upgrade our characters.

Now that you know all about how the Redfall skill tree works, you can begin exploring the Redfall map fully and seeing all it has to offer. Plus, if you are exploring you can take on the various Redfall missions and more with our Redfall walkthrough guide.