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Lego 2K Drive races alongside GTA 5 with this hilarious trophy

Channeling the spirit of Rockstar Games with some GTA 5 and GTA Online-style antics, PS5 and Xbox racer Lego 2K Drive has a trophy with a very fiery edge.

lego 2k drive trophies ps5

PS5 and Xbox racer Lego 2K Drive is taking a few notes from GTA 5 it seems, as the upcoming racing game channels the spirit of Rockstar Games with action-packed objectives. Players looking to nab all of the Lego 2K Drive achievements will want to get some inspiration from GTA Online and the dangerous streets of Los Santos, if they’re looking to score that mighty platinum.

According to the list of Lego 2K Drives trophies and achievements across PlayStation and Xbox platforms, you’ll note that the game requires you to hit some pretty peculiar milestones as you explore all the Lego 2K Drive maps and biomes. Specifically, one trophy named ‘Sidewalk Hog’ will need players to cause some chaos for all the unsuspecting brick-loving pedestrians. To attain it, according to TrueTrophies, you’ll need to “punt 200 pedestrians into the air” as you speed around in one of the many Lego 2K Drive cars.

As the Lego 2K Drive release date is still approaching the starting line, we can only speculate what the vibrant terror looks like, as your cheery-eyed Lego racer makes Rockstar Games proud of their antics. Your move, GTA 6.

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Other trophies in the upcoming Lego racing game zero in on the same kind of mayhem present in GTA Online, as players will have to “hit opponents with missiles 15 times” or “destroy 200 traffic vehicles” as they roam around. We know that sounds wicked. What isn’t cool about blowing up loads of Lego? You might want to prepare for all that carnage now too, as Lego 2K Drive early access could get your racing career off to an explosive start.

The promising title from WWE 2K23 developer Visual Concepts posits an interesting spin on the Lego IP, following fun games such as Lego City Undercover and the excellent Lego Batman franchise. To bring this new vision for Lego games to life, executive producer Mark Pierce reveals in an interview how the game takes on the likes of mammoth racers such as Forza Horizon 5.

Just like GTA Online’s many racing modes, there are plenty of Lego 2K Drive game modes to master, so don’t hesitate to check out our guide for all the must-know details. Of course, any of the best racing games ever made are always better with friends. Lego 2K Drive multiplayer features a suite of features to get stuck into, meaning you’ll never race alone again – especially if publisher 2K Games explores Lego 2K Drive game pass options.

With all this talk about Grand Theft Auto, it’s just making us yearn for that sweet GTA 6 release date more than ever.