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Lego 2K Drive isn’t quite the open world racing game you think it is

2K and Visual Concepts' new racing game, Lego 2K Drive, might not be the awesome open world adventure you first thought as new map details emerge online.

LEGO 2K Drive open world biomes dev comments: an image of a lego man from the racing game

If you’re a fan of Lego games, it really is hard not to be excited about Lego 2K Drive. Video games that take advantage of Lego’s colorful creativity aren’t something you see every day, especially ones that are also an open world racing game; so, when Visual Concepts and 2K announced that Lego 2K Drive was on the way,  we were certainly intrigued. However, it doesn’t look like Lego 2K Drive is quite the “massive open-world Lego driving adventure” Visual Concepts wants us to think it is – that quote, by the way, comes straight from the Lego 2K Drive webpage.

If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, we’re talking about the fact that it looks like Lego 2K Drive’s open world environment is actually a series of smaller biomes that players can switch between.

Discussing this upcoming racing game with VGC, executive producer Mark Pierce has revealed that players will be able to “fast travel betwen the biomes” in-game, rather than being able to explore fully open world environments like you can in a game like Forza Horizon 5 or The Crew 2.

“We went through a lot of work and discussions about all the different ways we could do [an open world]”, Pierce says, “and we really wanted to have [players] just travel from one to another. But, on… some of the platforms it’s just not… You can’t make somebody wait three minutes to load something in, right?”

Pierce doesn’t detail what platform has caused this concession – something that Regan describes as “surprisingly old-school” – but, the fact that this game is coming to Nintendo Switch consoles alongside PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox consoles could be telling. However, we don’t know – and we might never know.

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Thankfully, though, it does sound like Lego 2K Drive is the start of a series. So, we could see a more traditional open world environment introduced later down the line – along with some exciting IP collaborations.

For now, though, why not read up on the Lego 2K Drive release date here, and whether Lego 2K Drive will deliver split-screen local co-op right here. Is this going to be one of the best racing games out there? Who’s to say, but it does look like quite a bit of fun.