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Helldivers 2 players at risk of yet another shock Major Order defeat

The fight to liberate Varylia 5 rages on in Helldivers 2, but this new Major Order is at risk of failure following a recent brutal defeat.

Helldivers 2 varylia 5 major order: An image of a Helldiver taking off his helmet and an Automaton enemy.

Blood, sweat, and galactic tears are all part of the Helldivers 2 experience, but even diehard PS5 players are reaching their limits in Arrowhead’s shooter. After weeks of fighting Automatons and Terminids to secure numerous Stratagems, the latest Helldivers 2 Major Order might result in another devastating defeat for the game’s community. This has me wondering: are we finally at a point where the shooter is simply too difficult?

It certainly looks that way for the acclaimed PS5 co-op game, as the current Major Order’s completion percentage sits around 41% at the time of writing. Previously, Arrowhead tasked players with defeating 2 billion (yes, 2 billion) Automatons on their home turf, but this was a lost cause from the very beginning. The Automatons continue to be the toughest enemy faction in Helldivers 2, armed to the teeth with a brutal arsenal of planet shattering weaponry.

Fighting them is proving to be an arduous task, rather than a fun one, even if Arrowhead has introduced a new Warbond full of fresh guns and grenades to aid players in combat. Right now, the goal is to liberate Varylia 5 – a planet that is, you guessed it, deep within Automaton territory. While the community’s initial efforts are more promising than the previous Major Order so far, it probably won’t stay that way if nefarious game master Joel has anything to do with it.

Helldivers 2 Major Order Progress: An image of the Helldivers IO map showing the Varylia 5 Major Order.

To compound things, Arrowhead has officially declared that the “second galactic war” has begun within the multiplayer game’s punishing universe. The rate at which Arrowhead continues to implement new weapons and Stratagems is impressive, but it could be posing a wider problem for the game’s meta. Each addition of weaponry means that various nerfs, buffs, and meta balancing acts need to be accounted for, and as a result, both enemy factions are becoming increasingly harder to fight in various ways. The studio is aware of this, as weapons like a badass minigun are currently off the table until Arrowhead can figure out how to make it operate fairly on the battlefield.

It might be why we haven’t seen the return of weapons like the awesome Sabre Sword from the first Helldivers game, too. Going forward, Helldivers 2’s fight for galactic glory could see some drastic shifts as Arrowhead’s leadership changes – in a good way. The time is right for a major switch-up, and introducing the long-awaited Illuminate faction is the ideal next step. We reckon that the rumored upcoming PlayStation Showcase could be an opportunity for this to be revealed.

Should dedicated ‘Divers turn things around and get the latest Major Order completed within the next four days, players will be rewarded with the dual-autocannon EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuit. So if you want to blow shit up in style, you better get to work.

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