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Democracy prevails as ice cold new Helldivers 2 Warbond drops on PS5

The new Helldivers 2 Warbond, Polar Patriots, offers up some of our favorite gear to date in Arrowhead’s hit intergalactic shooter on PS5.

Helldivers 2 new Warbond Polar Patriots: a Helldiver wearing grey armor, holding a gun next to the PlayStation logo

It’s another beautiful day to slay the heck out of the mechs, and fire slugs into the bugs in Helldivers 2. Now that normality has somewhat been restored to Arrowhead’s hit shooter after the weekend’s shenanigans, the studio wanted to make sure it was safe to release the new Helldivers 2 Warbond, Polar Patriots. Fortunately, after putting the decision to a poll, the fervor for firepower won out. Now, a cold cache of fresh gear has arrived in the PS5 game.

Looking at the latest spread of weapons, armor, and more Arrowhead has so graciously laid out for us in the hit multiplayer game, there’s a lot to love. Should the ‘Tenderizer;’ ‘Pummeler,’ and ‘Purifier’ perform up to their namesakes, then we can expect the new primaries to get hit by nerfs before the week’s out.

For us, though, the juiciest Helldivers 2 additions can be found elsewhere. At least 70% of our deaths occur after being hampered by slows, so the introduction of Motivational Shocks could be an absolute game changer. Though it doesn’t mitigate AoE slows, it will at least allow us to recover quicker after getting splashed by acid in the co-op game. It’s also suitably Helldivers-y, seeing as we can now literally shock ourselves back into action – brilliant.

Helldivers 2 new Warbond: a look at the Motivational Shocks Premium Booster

Meanwhile, the Arctic Ranger armor’s blue and orange blend doesn’t only make it the perfect color grading palette for a big-screen flick, but it also makes it one of the more colorful armor sets to land in the PS5 exclusive – something we feel it desperately needs. We’re also eyeing up the Verdict, which will hopefully serve as a much-required upgrade to Helldivers 2’s arsenal of sidearms – an arsenal which is still lacking that extra oomph (akimbo when?)

Following the weekend’s news that PC players would no longer need to connect to a PlayStation account to play, peace has slowly returned to the galaxy. Concerned about the optics of dropping a new Helldivers 2 Warbond so son after the fiasco, Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt took to Twitter to gauge public sentiment towards it.

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The result of the poll, which gave the option to either see Polar Patriots released today, or delay it for a while longer, saw a whopping 73.9% of the 182,437 votes go the way of the first option – fuck yeah, democracy. Clearly, we’re back to business as usual – at least, most of us are.

For more of the latest news on one of the best PS5 games, check out the petition that’s been launched to bring back the axed Helldivers 2 community manager who gave up their wings in the fight against PSN account linking. Before you go, be sure to drop us a follow on Google News – a follow for The Loadout is a follow for democracy.