FC 24’s first weekend league is delayed, and fans aren’t impressed

EA Sports confirms the first FC 24 Ultimate Team Champions Finals event is being delayed and the FC 24 Weekend League start date is now later on Xbox and PS5.

FC 24 Weekend League start date: an image of Sam Kerr from Chelsea

If you’re someone who’s looking forward to putting their Ultimate Team squad through its paces in FC 24, you’re going to need to check out the Ultimate Team Champions Finals event. Although, if you’re an early access player who has been preparing for the first one, we have some bad news for you. EA Sports is pushing back the FC 24 Weekend League start date and it’s safe to say that fans aren’t impressed. However, it really isn’t something that should surprise people.

If you’re someone who thinks FC 24 is one of the best soccer games of all time and have been happily preparing your best FC 24 starter team for the first Weekend League of this new game, you’ll be somewhat saddened to learn that – through the EA Sports FC Direct Communication social media account – EA Sports confirms that the first Weekend League of FC 24 will now start on October 6, not September 29.

For those of you out there waiting until the full FC 24 release date to play, this is undoubtedly some good news. However, for those of you with early access, this means you will have had to wait two whole weeks before the start of the Ultimate Team Champions Finals event and the Weekend League. All you need to do is check the responses to this social media post confirming the change to see how the fans feel.

While quite a few content creators lament the decision, expressing frustration with the fact that FC 24 was showing them the wrong start date to begin with, quite a few fans are unworried about the decision. It seems as though there’s quite the divide between those involved with the competitive side more professionally, be that players part of organizations, casters, or just regular Weekend League players, and those who just enjoy the mode occasionally.

If anything, it just gives everyone a bit more time to pick up the best FC 24 strikers and work through the best FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolution upgrades – which is far from a bad thing. It also, rather importantly, gives everyone with the Standard Edition a chance to qualify for the Weekend League. It’s going to be a great way to earn players with the highest FC 24 ratings – if you win your games.

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Aside from the fact that EA Sports was showing the wrong start date in FC 24, though, this really isn’t anything too surprising. When you look back at the launch of FIFA 23, on September 27, 2022, the first Weekend League kicked off on October 7, 2022. That’s just over a week after launch and almost identical to the now-current situation. So, while frustrating, it isn’t exactly outside of the ordinary for EA Sports.

If you want to use that time effectively, though, you can check out all the best FC 24 wingers and the best FC 24 GK options right here. You can also find all the best options when it comes to the cheapest players in FC 24 Ultimate Team here. As always, Squad Battles are a great way to earn free FUT packs while playing. If you fancy that, we have some FC 24 Legendary Squad Battles tips worth checking out ahead of time, too – the AI are as frustrating as ever.