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Fresh leaks tease Messi as headliner for new FC 24 Radioactive promo

At long last, MLS superstar Lionel Messi is set to get his first upgrade in FC 24 thanks to the newly-leaked Radioactive promo coming soon.

FC 24 Radioactive players leaks Messi: an image of Messi waving his hand

If you thought EA Sports was just-about finished shoving brand new FC 24 Ultimate Team promos down your throat on a near-weekly basis, think again. New leaks detailing the as-yet-unannounced FC 24 Radioactive promo are starting to appear online and it looks like Lionel Messi – Major League Soccer player and one of the best to ever play the beautiful game – is going to get his first upgraded player item of the year.

In an effort to make sure everyone’s playing one of the best soccer games out there right now, and not all the new Xbox games and new PS5 games vying for your spare time, EA Sports is packing FC 24 with new Ultimate Team promos this year; we’ve already seen some of the best FC 24 strikers and best FC 24 wingers get upgrades. Some of the best players available in the new FC 24 FC Pro Open live promo are also already due some rather tasty upgrades and the recent FC 24 Triple Threat promo introduced some fantastic upgrades for a handful of the best FC 24 Heroes available in-game. However, when you look at the players with high FC 24 ratings, one name is shockingly still missing from all the promos we’ve seen so far – well, until now anyway.

As FC 24 leaker and content creator ‘FUTZone‘ highlights, Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi – easily one of the best players available in EA Sports’ soccer game – is going to feature in the new Radioactive promo for Ultimate Team. While it’s worth taking this with a pinch of salt until we see something official, these leaks are rarely wrong. One thing we don’t know, however, is what his stats will look like. But, with 90 OVR and an impressive 87 SHO, 90 PAC, and 94 DRI already, this upgrade has the potential to be very good indeed – even if everything is only improved upon by one or two points.

FC 24 Radioactive leaks: a fan made player item for Messi

In addition to this, though, leaks also claim that Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde and Liverpool’s Dominik Szoboszlai will both feature. These two are already some of the best FC 24 CM players available – if you exclude upgraded player items – and upgrades to both will be very exciting. Valverde is one of the few base Gold Rare players to be in the ‘Gullit Gang’ – a rare group of players who boast an 80+ rating for all six base stats. On top of this, the Premier League CAM Szoboszlai is a fantastic all-rounder for an 82 OVR, with 83 PAC, 82 SHO, 84 PAS, and 82 DRI to his name.

Both players have also already featured in the recurring TOTW promo, with Szoboszlai upped to 85 OVR and Valverde upgraded to an impressive 89 OVR. While not guaranteed, FC 24 promos do often improve upon a player’s latest upgrade with a higher OVR rating – provided they’re not already pushing the high 90s. That could mean, if we’re lucky, both Szoboszlai and Valverde are in for upgrades of at least 86 OVR and 90 OVR – which would be hard to complain about if you packed either one of them. In Messi’s case, as a player without an upgrade yet, you can expect to see him with a 91 OVR – at the very least – when the promo arrives.

At the moment, rather frustratingly, we don’t actually know when the Radioactive promo is expected to arrive in FC 24. However, with these leaks starting to appear online and the card art itself allegedly official (via data mining), we shouldn’t have to wait too long. In fact, when you consider the fact that the new Thunderstruck promo kicked off during the Black Friday period, we should only have to wait until mid-December to see the Radioactive promo appear in-game.

For now, though, while we wait to find out who else will feature in the Radioactive promo, you can find out more about the best FC 24 formations and the best FC 24 settings right here. Both of these are simple ways to improve your squad without needing new players. If you do want to get your hands on some new players, though, you should check out the latest assortment of Squad Building Challenges available. To help with completing those, you can find all the cheapest FC 24 players for SBCs right here.