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Top FC 24 FC Pro Open promo players already due tasty new upgrades

It's only been one day and one round of games, but some of the best FC 24 players in the new FC Pro Open promo are expecting upgrades.

FC 24 FC Pro Open promo players upgrades: an image of Mane celebrating from his promo card

If you don’t have one of the new FC 24 FC Pro Open promo players yet, you’re missing out. The first day of EA Sports’ FC Pro Open tournament is wrapping up and some of the top players available through this new FC 24 promo are already due major upgrades. When you think about everyone else waiting to play and the player items they represent in Ultimate Team, this is definitely one promo you want to jump on sooner rather than later.

FC 24 is easily one of the best soccer games of all time, but it can get a bit repetitive. So, in an effort to keep everyone playing it throughout the year, rather than all the other new PS5 games and new Xbox games out there, EA Sports is packing this year with some fantastic Ultimate Team promos and special player items for fans to chase after. While the new FC 24 Pundit Picks promo is interesting enough and the FC 24 Triple Threat promo offers up some decent player items, the new FC Pro Open live promo is quite possibly one of the best we’ve seen so far. We’re just one day into the tournament the FC 24 FC Pro Open promo upgrades system is linked to and some of the best FC 24 FC Pro Open promo players available are already expected to receive the maximum upgrade available – at this stage of the competition, anyway.

As FC 24 content creator ‘FutSheriff‘ highlights, the fact that pro players Emre ’emreyilmaz’ Yilmaz and Umut ‘umut’ Gultekin earned 10 points in this first round of games means that both the Donyell Malen and Renan Lodi promo player items will get +2 OVR, an additional FC 24 PlayStyle, and an alternative position when the upgrades go out. At this stage of the competition, this is the biggest upgrade a promo player item can get – and there’s still a second round of games for this group of players to go.

In addition to that, though, thanks to Alejandro ‘H1dalgo’ Hidalgo’s efforts (and the six points he’s earned so far), the Sadio Mane promo player item is already due an upgrade – of +1 OVR, a new PlayStyle, and an alternative position. With Mane already one of the best FC 24 strikers available, he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with moving forward. Kolo Muani, another decent striker with a lot of pace, is due a +1 OVR upgrade – which should take him up to 88 OVR (at least).

FC 24 FC Pro Open promo players: the results of Group A and the upgrades due

With players like Manchester City’s Kalvin Phillips (currently 86 OVR in the promo) and Fulham’s Willian (currently 88 OVR in the promo) still waiting for their respective pro players to play their games in the FC Pro Open tournament, we could really be about to see some of the best FC 24 CDM players and best FC 24 wingers emerge. Likewise, Kalidou Koulibaly (who is currently 87 OVR in the promo) and Angelo Ogbonna (who’s also currently 87 OVR in the promo) could be in for some upgrades too – provided players like Ahmad ‘Abomakkah’ Mujahid and Gabriel ‘Antonni_Gabriel’ Antonni can earn enough points in the group stages.

If these players got +2 OVR upgrades, or more, they would undoubtedly be among the best FC 24 CB players available at the moment. That is very exciting, indeed.

While you’re here, you can actually watch all the games that have already taken place – and contribute to these upgrades – below. It’s a four hour stream, though, so you might want to just skip to the parts where your favorite players are playing.

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If, though, you’re more interested in these upgrades because you want to use these promo players as fodder for SBCS – which is totally fair – you can find out more about the cheapest FC 24 players for SBCs right here. Although, we do recommend holding onto any promo players you have until January – at least. As good as the new FC 24 Mbappe POTM promo player looks, you really could be in for a treat if your FC Pro Open live promo player item gets the full suite of upgrades.