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Get your fodder ready, a new FC 24 Mbappe POTM promo SBC is coming

PSG star Kylian Mbappe has just won Player of the Month for the tenth time and that means a new FC 24 Mbappe POTM promo SBC is on the way.

FC 24 Mbappe POTM: an image of the PSG player in-game

French soccer superstar and Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappe has just won his tenth UNFP Player of the Month Trophy – the UNFP being the Union Nationale des Footballeurs Professionnels, a trade union for soccer players in France. This historic tenth win isn’t just good news for him, though, but for everyone playing FC 24 at the moment. Why, you might be wondering? Well, this win means a new FC 24 Mbappe POTM promo SBC is on the way and the player item it comes with is going to be unstoppable.

Fresh from the brand new FC 24 Triple Threat promo, which sees one of the best FC 24 Heroes ascend to ‘Gullit Gang’ status, EA Sports’ FC 24 players are about to have yet-another fantastic promo card to chase after in Ultimate Team – thanks to the fact that PSG striker Kylian Mbappe just netted his tenth Player of the Month award in Ligue 1. Already boasting one of the highest FC 24 ratings with his base Gold Rare card, the inevitable POTM promo card for Mbappe is going to be one of the best player items yet.

As you can see for yourself below, on November 14, the UNFP confirmed that Kylian Mbappe is being awarded his tenth Player of the Month award – becoming the first player in Ligue 1 history to do so. In an effort to remain one of the best soccer games available throughout the year, EA Sports regularly adds new content to FC 24 Ultimate Team through promos and SBCs to keep players busy. Part of these regular content updates, as you may already know, involve upgraded player items based on winners of Player of the Month awards from the Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga.

FC 24 Mbappe POTM award: an image of the UNFP tweet showing his award

So, even though a new Kylian Mbappe POTM promo SBC hasn’t been explicitly confirmed by EA Sports just yet, it’s practically guaranteed given what we’ve seen from FC 24 before – and the FIFA series prior to that. If you want to make sure you have the best squad at your disposal, this is great news for players – if you have the fodder, anyway.

At the moment, Mbappe only actually has one promo card in FC 24: his 92 OVR Trailblazers player item. With 98 PAC, this card is the quickest in the game and 91 SHO makes him one of the best FC 24 strikers available at the moment.

When you look at some of the other POTM SBC upgrades we’ve seen in FC 24 so far, and consider the fact that a new upgrade is almost always as good as the best card available for that player or better, it seems almost certain that the new Mbappe POTM card will be 93 OVR. The Salah POTM player item is +2 OVR (from his base Rare Gold card), the Kubo POTM player item is +5 OVR (although, this only takes him up to 85 OVR), and the Guirassy POTM player item is an impressive +7 OVR (again, though, only taking him to 84 OVR).

With Salah already a high-rated player, this is the best example to look at when it comes to getting a sense of what the upcoming Mbappe POTM promo SBC and player item will look like. This card has +2 PAC, +3 SHO, +3 PAS, +2 DRI, +2 DEF, and +4 PHY. If Mbappe gets the same treatment from his base Rare Gold card, he’ll boast 99 PAC, 93 SHO, 83 PAS, 94 DRI, 38 DEF, and 82 PHY – which is a wild set of stats and better in every category than his Trailblazers promo card.

Here’s a little mock-up of what that card could actually look like:

FC 24 Mbappe POTM card: a mock-up of what his POTM could look like

This, though, will mean the SBC you will need to complete to actually earn him will be tough. The Salah POTM promo SBC requires players to submit 8 full squads of players, with a Transfer Market value of around 1,000,000 coins. With Mbappe cards already much more valuable than that, we expect to see an SBC worth at least double. So, now really is the time to start picking up some of the cheapest FC 24 players for SBCs – if you want this Mbappe, you’re going to need them.

At the moment, though, we don’t know for certain what Mbappe’s POTM card will look like. EA Sports hasn’t confirmed anything yet, so we will just have to wait and see if it really is as good as it could be. The one thing we do know, though, is that it will be worth a lot.

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Mbappe’s base Gold Rare card is worth around 2,500,000 coins and his Trailblazers promo card is worth around 4,500,000 coins. We don’t think EA Sports will set up an SBC that will cost you that much, but it won’t be cheap.

For now, though, while we wait for more information on this, you should make sure you’re using the best FC 24 formations and check out how you can earn XP fast in FC 24 Ultimate Team. With packs available for earning XP, this could come in handy when it comes to getting yourself some high-rated players for the upcoming SBC.