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New FC 24 FC Pro upgrades system leaks ahead of promo players reveal

EA Sports' new FC Pro Open tournament is coming and its celebrating with the new upgrade-focused FC 24 FC Pro promo in Ultimate Team.

FC 24 FC Pro leaks: an image of Messi

If you’re looking for more promo players to pack in Ultimate Team, FC 24 has you covered. Another new Ultimate Team promo is on the way, the third new one in a month, and there’s a lot to be excited about. With EA Sports’ first major FC Pro esports tournament about to kick off, a new FC 24 FC Pro Ultimate Team promo is also on the way. What makes this one unique, though, is the fact that there’s an upgrades system in play – just like the UCL promo.

Following on from the new ongoing FC 24 Pundit Picks promo and the new FC 24 Triple Threat promo, which sees one of the best FC 24 Heroes finally achieve ‘Gullit Gang’ status, EA Sports is gearing up to introduce yet-another new promo to FC 24: the FC 24 FC Pro Live promo. In an effort to get players playing one of the best soccer games available at the moment to invest their free time in the new esports tournament, this new promo will feature a selection of players hand-picked by the pro players playing in the tournament – which could mean we’re in for quite a few surprise upgrades. To make things even more interesting, however, there’s also going to be an upgrades system in play not too dissimilar to how EA Sports operates the UEFA Champions League tie-in promo.

What does this all actually mean, though? Well, it means that the new FC 24 FC Pro Live promo players – which are yet to be confirmed – will receive periodic upgrades based on how well the FC Pro Open player who picked them for the promo actually does in the contest. With the tournament itself set to start on November 27, we should see these players available by November 24 – the Friday before it begins. So, there’s really not long to wait.

As reliable FC 24 leaker ‘FUT Sheriff‘ explains, the promo player will get +1 OVR if the pro player who picked them earns three points in the group stages of the tournament. This alone, as an example, could be enough to transform a player into one of the best FC 24 strikers or best FC 24 wingers in the game, especially if they’re quick. But, it doesn’t stop there.

If the pro player is able to earn six points, the promo player will get an additional FC 24 PlayStyle and a player position. Then, if they can earn ten points during the group stages, which last for eight weeks either side of the holidays, they’ll receive another +1 OVR upgrade. For defensive players and playmakers, having the right PlayStyle added could be a game-changer and we may well find players otherwise ignored by the FC 24 community step into the spotlight through this promo.

For those pro players who qualify for the knockout stages and the FC Pro Open Finals in February next year, the promo player will get both another +1 OVR upgrade and a new PlayStyle+ to improve them further. Whoever wins the FC Pro Open Finals, an eight-person knockout tournament to round out the tournament, will see their chosen promo player get an additional Weak Foot and Skill Moves star alongside a final +1 OVR upgrade. So, if you pack the player associated with whoever wins, that player will get +4 OVR and could become one of the best FC 24 5-star skillers available. If they’re a player with one of the higher FC 24 ratings already, they could become one of the best players out there, period.

FC 24 FC Pro leaks: an image of the upgrades system fan-made graphic

While it’s worth taking all of this with a pinch of salt unitl we see something a little more official from EA Sports, these leaks are rarely wrong. So, any differences between this and the final upgrade system in place will be minor. As it stands, only two players have been leaked for the promo squad: Juventus CDM Manuel Locatelli and PSV winger Hirving Lozano. With the promo itself expected to start in a handful of days, though, we should find out more about the full squad soon.

These two players alone, though, suggest we’re in for some surprises when the full squad is confirmed – and then there’s no telling which pro player will actually win. With experienced esports winners like Paulo ‘PHzin’ Henrique and Umut Gultekin up against FUTWIZ’s ‘Mark11’ and Manchester City’s ‘Tekkz’, it’s really anyone’s tournament.

If, though, you want to know what you’re in for when you pick up new players and you’d rather earn a decent one right off the bat, you should keep an eye out for the upcoming FC 24 Mbappe POTM SBC. If past Player of the Month upgrades are anything to go by, he’s going to be unstoppable. You can find some of the cheapest FC 24 players for SBCs right here, but you will want to start saving your fodder now.