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New FC 24 Pundit Picks promo only includes two leagues at launch

EA Sports' new Ultimate Team promo has the potential to be exciting, but the FC 24 Pundit Picks will only focus on La Liga and the EPL.

FC 24 Pundit Picks leagues: an image of Luis Diaz from Liverpool

EA Sports is always releasing new content for FC 24 players to enjoy, which is great. Although, it’s not always as unpredictable and exciting as it could be – with the best players always a shoe-in for the series’ repeating promos. However, things are starting to change and EA Sports’ new FC 24 Pundit Picks promo is a prime example of a new recurring player program that has the potential to be very interesting indeed – well, depending on which league you’re focusing your squad on.

In an effort to cement itself as one of the best soccer games of all time and bring more players from FIFA 23 into the new era of EA Sports’ series, FC 24 is introducing a new Ultimate Team promo to players: Pundit Picks. With the FC 24 player count expected to improve on FIFA 23, though, we’re not sure it needs that much help on the latter. Still, Pundit Picks could be a fantastic way to shake-up the meta when it comes to the best FC 24 wingers, best FC 24 strikers, and more.

As the name suggests, the new Pundit Picks promo is a player program where one pundit each month from Sky Sports or DAZN will choose one player to recieve an Ultimate Team upgrade – which will then be available via SBC in-game. With Player of the Month awards often resulting in new SBCs, though, we get monthly upgrades like this all the time. What makes Pundit Picks unique is that there won’t be any rules. It doesn’t matter if they’re in a bad run of form, Pundit Picks can be any player the chosen pundit thinks deserves some recognition.

One thing that’s holding this promo back slightly, however, is that it’s only going to feature players from the Premier League and La Liga – something we can imagine is due to EA Sports’ licensing deals with both leagues. There’s no mention of Pundit Picks expanding to other leagues yet, but EA Sports isn’t ruling it out. Right now, it has only mentioned the Premier League and La Liga – with both featuring on this promotional imagery for the new player program.

FC 24 Pundit Picks leagues: a promo image showing the green card design for Pundit Picks

While we can imagine this promo will feature some of the best FC 24 five-star skillers and players with high FC 24 ratings, it could also throw up some hidden gems along the way. Players who consistently deliver decent performances, but maybe not anything remarkable enough to warrant a TOTW appearance, are who we want to see feature here – players like Crystal Palace’s Jordan Ayew or Newcastle United’s Anthony Gordon, perhaps. Or, even some of the best FC 24 CBs and best FC 24 CDMs – those players who’s actions often go under the radar when it comes to talking about the big performances of each week.

The first Pundit Picks promo for FC 24 is kicking off with Sky Sports’ Jamie Carragher and a Premier League player who featured in Match Week 11 – which should then be available as an SBC by Friday, November 10 (as Match Week 11 has just ended). Then, in December, a DAZN pundit will pick a La Liga player for that month’s Pundit Picks promo. This will then continue, alternating each month between the two leagues, for the foreseeable future.

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EA Sports hasn’t detailed what each SBC will look like, but we can imagine that will depend on the OVR rating of the upgraded player and how good the card itself is. It might still be worth looking into the cheapest FC 24 players for SBCs ahead of time, though.

While we wait to find out who Carra has picked (our bet is on Chelsea’s Nicolas Jackson for his hattrick during the blue’s controversial win over nine-man Spurs), you should make sure you’re using the best FC 24 formations and best FC 24 settings when you play Ultimate Team. We know getting new players is the best way of improving your chances, but these changes can make a huge difference in the meantime.