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Here’s a simple FC 24 stuttering solution if you’re lagging in-game

If you're trying to play FC 24 on PS5 and Xbox and you're met with lag, there's a really simple FC 24 stuttering solution for you to check out in the settings.

FC 24 lag stuttering solution: an image of Robertson from Liverpool

If you’re jumping into FC 24 and you’re finding yourself facing lag, you might not be alone. We know connection issues are frustrating and often outside of your control, but an FC 24 stuttering solution might just be hiding right under your nose. If you’re suffering, all you need to do is check out the settings and find this one specific option.

We know FC 24 might just be one of the best soccer games we’ve ever seen on PS5 and Xbox, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. One overcomplication that could be causing your lag issues is the setting that shows which one of the advanced FC 24 PlayStyles (known as PlayStyle+) a player has above their head. Why would you need something like that switched on all the time? There are certainly more important things to focus on, like finding out the best FC 24 starter pack to pick.

Well, if you’re using some new players and you need reminding of which ones have the Rapid PlayStyle+ or the Tiki-Taka PlayStyle+, it’s quite useful. However, it really doesn’t take long to remember and the fact that this is turned on by default doesn’t make half as much sense as it should. We know this isn’t an exact science as FC 24 is a complicated game that uses an online internet connection a lot of the time, but this really could be the reason why you’re facing stuttering issues in-game.

So, as highlighted by Horizon Union content creator Ryan ‘ItsHaber’ Haber, you might be able to solve this issue by simply switching off this indicator. You can find this under the ‘Visual’ tab of the Game Settings menu and it’s just called ‘PlayStyle+ Overhead Indicators’. You can check out what it looks like below if you’re still having trouble finding it.

Fc 24lag stuttering solution: an image of the settings menu

Is this going to affect whether you have the fastest FC 24 players on the pitch or not? No. Will it matter when it comes to the best FC 24 strikers taking advantage of their individual PlayStyle+ traits when you’re going for goal? Nope. Will it stop your stuttering? It might just do that. ‘ItsHaber’ has been playing on a PlayStation console, and it seems to be working for them. So, we don’t think it’s outside the realms of possibility to see it working for everyone else playing the game.

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