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Diablo 4 Hardcore mode rewards you with this unique prize for grinding

Showing your dedication to Diablo 4 Hardcore mode could win you a very special prize from Blizzard, but you'll need to stay glued to your PS5 and Xbox for it.

Diablo 4 hardcore mode contest

We’re sure you’ve been crafting the ultimate array of Diablo 4 classes during your time with the Diablo 4 beta and Server Slam events, but meeting the might of Diablo 4 Hardcore mode is the biggest test yet. In fact, the grind to be noted as one of the best Diablo 4 players is so intense that developer Blizzard Entertainment is willing to reward players with a unique prize for their efforts. Make sure you’ve got your best Diablo 4 armor sets ready for this one.

If you fancy yourself somewhat of a Diablo franchise master, then this recent post from the official Diablo 4 Twitter page is definitely for you. “Think you can cheat death? Reach level 100 on hardcore mode and tweet #Diablo4Hardcore with proof to have your username immortalized on a statue of Lilith,” says Blizzard Entertainment. Dubbed the “Diablo IV Hardcore Victories Contest”, the contest begins from Thursday, June 1, 2023.

However, there are some caveats to consider if you’re thinking of entering the Diablo 4 Hardcore mode contest. According to the contest’s terms and conditions guide, the offer from Blizzard is only open to entrants who are over 18 and “have reached a character level of 100 in ‘Hardcore mode’ on Diablo 4 and have earned the ‘Tempered Champion’ title in-game.”

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The challenge of getting this coveted statue is already enticing Diablo 4 players and content creators alike, with popular Diablo streamer ‘Asmongold‘ pitching in with his thoughts on the goldmine of videos this will produce. “I can’t wait to react to the death compilations this will create Thank you, Blizzard,” says the streamer in response.

Ahead of June 1, you’ve got plenty of time to acquaint yourself with all of the game’s inner workings. If you’re a lore fiend looking to dissect every facet of the story, then exploring what we’ve compiled on all of the Diablo 4 characters and Diablo 4 voice actors will send you in the right direction. Though, you’ll still need to get your classes in tip-top shape for heading into battle.

Mastering the intricacies of the Diablo 4 skill tree means that when it comes to facing some of the toughest Diablo 4 bosses, you’ll be in a great place to take them down without breaking a sweat in the cold, cold plains of Sanctuary.