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Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best quest steps and story explained

Stay up to date on the Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best Season 23 quest, including all the steps in the ongoing story so you know how to beat it.

Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best: Mara Sov against a background of Riven from Season 23, with a target icon over Mara's shoulder.

The Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best quest storyline for Season of Wish turns the narrative stakes up as we look for a way to pursue the Witness, returning to the one and only Riven, the last ‘surviving’ wish dragon. So, what do you need to do each week to progress the Wishing All the Best Seasonal quest in Destiny 2? Well, you’re in the right place as we’ve beaten the available steps so far first-hand, hammering waves of Taken and Vex with our favorite flaming hammer.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish is off to a promising start, with some superb plot points waiting for players, including the return of Riven, as well as more time with Mara Sov, Crow, and Petra. It’s not all about the Wishing All the Best story though, as Season 23 also introduces new activities and the stacked Destiny 2 Season of the Wish weapons list, with some great additions you don’t want to miss. And we can’t forget the return of Dragon’s Breath and the newcomer Destiny 2 Wish-Keeper, bringing the narrative of the Dreaming City full circle in Season 23’s Wishing All the Best quest.

Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best explained

The Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best is the 55-step long weekly storyline for Season 23: Season of the Wish, with players being tasked with finding and collecting the remaining eggs of Riven in order to entice the wish dragon into granting the fifteenth wish required to pursue the Witness.

Each week, at the Destiny 2 reset time, players will unlock the next batch of steps required to complete the Wishing All the Best quest. Yes, this unfortunately means that the missions are time-gated so you can’t complete it right away.

Typically, Seasonal storylines last for about eight weeks, so we expect the Wishing All the Best story in Destiny 2 Season 23 to last a similar length of time. With that said, given the delay to the Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date and Season of the Wish being extended, there’s a high chance that this questline will have its final week or two delayed until much later in the Season.

Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best: The player holding a weapon at the ready at the end of the Riven's Lair activity, as players look inside a loot chest.

Before you can start the Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best quest, however, you must first complete the introductory mission called Final Wish. You will automatically load into this mission when you first boot up the game during Season of the Wish, so there’s a high chance that you’ve already started or beaten this mission and unlocked Wishing All the Best anyhow. If not, such as if you quit the mission before beating it, then you’ll have to start the mission again and finish it before you can progress.

Final Wish involves playing through an action-paced mission to fight towards Riven’s corpse in the Dreaming City, followed by the creation of this Season’s Artifact, the Queensfoil Censer. It’s a linear mission and set of objectives so you shouldn’t run into much hassle starting Wishing All the Best.

Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best: Mara Sov talking to Riven the wish dragon during a cutscene, with Riven towering over her.

Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best week 1 quest (steps 1-8)

The Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best week 1 quest steps involve the following eight tasks:

  • Speak to Riven
  • Complete Riven’s Lair
  • Speak with Petra at the holoprojector
  • Complete runs of the Blind Well activity in the Dreaming City, with higher-tier completions granting additional progress
  • Complete the mission ‘Polysemy’ to retrieve Riven’s egg
  • Listen to Mara and Osiris in the H.E.L.M
  • Speak to Riven
  • Wait until the next weekly reset

Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best: The quest page for the Wishing All the Best mission.

Week 1 starts off very simple after the blockbuster introduction mission, seeing us talking to Riven to get a grasp of what this Season’s story is all about. However, that’s not to say that the first week is straightforward on the whole.

After speaking to Riven, you’ll have to complete Riven’s Lair, one of the two new Seasonal activities in S23. This activity doesn’t take too long to complete but it can be more challenging than you’d expect, with several traps dotted throughout the activity, some light puzzle mechanics, and finishing with a boss fight. This is the activity you’ll play the most during Season of the Wish, so this is a great introduction to the mode as we set about retrieving Riven’s eggs.

Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best: The player reloading their SMG during the Riven's Lair activity.

Once you’ve beaten Riven’s Lair for the first time, you’ll then have to complete at least two runs of the Blind Well activity. That’s right, as a blast from the past, you’ll have to head back into this open-world activity. Why? Well, Riven’s eggs have been cast adrift and the Blind Well can be used to track down where they’ve gone, much like what we’ve done in the past for Mara’s lost Techeuns. You’ll need to fill the progression bar before you can move on to the next step, which takes longer than you might hope. Completing one tier-three Blind Well activity will reward you with 55% completion, meaning you will need to beat it twice at the very least.

From here, you will then gain access to the Polysemy mission which sees you hunting down the first clutch of Riven’s eggs, only this time the Guardian is successful. This can be accessed via a node in the H.E.L.M on the destinations map. Then it’s just a matter of talking to all the key characters in Season of the Wish, including Mara and Riven, before Wishing All the Best Week 1 is complete.

As is usual with D2’s Seasonal quests, that’s all you can do this week. You’ll have to wait for ‘Mara Sov to call upon you once more’ once her Techeuns have located the next batch of eggs. In other words, wait until next Tuesday when you will automatically unlock Wishing All the Best Week 2.

Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best: The player interacting with Riven during a conversation scene, with a text box on the right.

When does Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best end?

The Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best quest is expected to last around eight weeks altogether, with a total of 55 quest steps to complete. Importantly, unlike other Seasonal storylines, you won’t be able to complete the quest or take part in any of the new content after Season of the Wish ends. This is because Season 23 is the final Season before The Final Shape (and the final ever Season, in fact), so we move into the next year’s slate of content and say goodbye to the past year.

Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best: The player aiming the Dragon's Breath rocket at a large, frozen Vex enemy during the Blind Well activity.

Is Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best good?

While Season of the Wish has only just begun, the Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best quest is off to a great start. We’ve particularly enjoyed getting to know more about Riven, Mara, and how the Dreaming City’s curse is now set in stone. Riven is one of the most interesting characters, so it’s amazing to finally get some more lore on her and the wish dragons, which we’re sure will continue as the Season progresses. The ever-evolving story is one of the many reasons why we find Destiny 2 to be one of the best FPS games.

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There has been, however, one point of contention with the Wishing All the Best quest – returning to the Blind Well. Given how old the Blind Well is, at now over five years old, it’s not quite up to scratch with the newer content. Generally, enemy density is very low, and with a whole group of amped-up Guardians running around the arena, there’s often not all that going on. Enemies are usually killed just as quickly as they spawn, making the already rather slow and stationary activity feel like more of a slog. Hopefully, this activity won’t be a requirement for each week of the Wishing All the Best quest, though only time will tell.

That’s all you need to know about the Destiny 2 Wishing All the Best quest steps and how to beat the main Season 23 story right now. While you wait for the next week of the story to arrive, why not farm for some of the best Destiny 2 weapons and best Destiny 2 PvP weapons? On the other hand, you could also put together the best Destiny 2 Titan build, Destiny 2 Hunter build, and Destiny 2 Warlock build, as there have been some big changes.