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Destiny 2 how to stun and kill Overload Champions

Find out how to stun and kill Overload Champions in Destiny 2 to take down one of the most annoying enemies you’ll face in your fight against the Darkness.

Destiny 2 How to stun and kill Overload Champions: A Warlock fighting through a Seraph facility with laser beams going past them.

Overload Champions are perhaps the most annoying enemy in Destiny 2. They constantly regenerate health and heal any damage you do, unless you know how to stun and kill Overload Champions in Destiny 2 the correct way. Luckily for you, we’ve got a guide on how to stun Overload Champions.

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How to stun and kill Overload Champions in Destiny 2

Overload Champions in Destiny 2 can be stunned and killed using:

  • Overload anti-Champion Artifact mods
  • Intrinsic Overload anti-Champion weapons including Divinity, Le Monarque, and Thunderlord
  • Arc jolt abilities
  • Void suppression abilities
  • Stasis slow abilities

Overload Champions are strong combatants that require you to use Overload anti-Champion mods, weapons, and abilities to stop them restoring health. While any weapon will deal damage to Overload Champions, they will often simply heal any damage dealt shortly after unless you use the correct anti-Champion tools. With that said, a group of players using high damage weapons such as Linear Fusion Rifles will be able to kill an Overload Champion with focused efforts, even if it is not anti-Champion.

Overload anti-Champion mods can be found and unlocked in the Artifact menu, providing the corresponding anti-Champion effect to a different weapon type each Season. Once you’ve got the mod unlocked, all you’ll need to do is equip a suitable weapon that matches the Overload anti-Champion mods for the Season.

A select few Exotic weapons also come with Overload anti-Champion effects automatically, bypassing the need for an Overload anti-Champion mod. Currently, these weapons are Divinity, Le Monarque, and Thunderlord. Simply fire at Overload Champions using one of these weapons and they’ll quickly be stunned.

Lastly, there are specific Subclass effects available on all classes through Aspects, Fragments, and even a few Exotic armour pieces, that can also stun and kill Overload Champions in Destiny 2.

If you’re using Arc, be on the lookout for the jolt effect. For instance, the Hunter’s Lethal Current Arc Aspect will cause their next melee attack after a dodge to jolt targets.

For Void, you’ll want suppression to stun Overload Champions. The Suppression Grenade is an easy on-demand method of applying suppression, though there are plenty of other sources.

As for Stasis, you can use slow to stun Overload Champions. Again, this can be done through Aspects, Fragments, and abilities such as the Duskfield Grenade that can slow opponents.

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