Destiny 2 Lightfall’s most important character is Neomuna’s anchorman

While the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign left us with a lot of unanswered questions, Neomuna Civil News appears to have a lot of the answers.

Destiny 2 Lightfall jisu calerondo: Osiris wearing his signature gold and silver feathered armour in Destiny 2

The story of Destiny 2 Lightfall is a confusing one so far, as its underwhelming campaign has left a lot of players with more questions than answers. However, there’s one surprising new character in Lightfall that seems to be just as important as anything or anyone we saw in the campaign itself, as they are revealing lots of interesting lore and information to players while navigating the streets of Neomuna. The person you should really be paying attention to is Neomuna’s prime time reporter and news anchor, Jisu Calerondo.

That may be a name you loosely recognise from the audio snippets of the Neomuna Civil News radio station that play while you’re doing activities across the new destination. Chances are though that you’re probably more focused on swinging around on your Strand grapple, farming for some the best Destiny 2 weapons in public events, or having fun with some of the new Lightfall Exotics than listening to good old Jisu.

However, you probably should be paying attention to his reports. While Lightfall’s campaign was slightly confusing and created more questions than answers – something we talk about in our Destiny 2 Lightfall review – Jisu Calerondo’s newsbites are full of interesting information and revelations. Spoilers ahead, by the way, if you’re yet to finish the campaign.

While some reports discuss humble topics such as rescuing poor poukas that are stuck in storm drains, others provide either theories or straight up explanations as to what happened at the end of the campaign with the Witness, the Traveler, and the Veil.

YouTube channel ‘Destiny Lore Vault’ has compiled all the radio reports that can be heard in Neomuna, including the one below, which provides more coherent information about what happened to the Traveler than any other cutscene or post-campaign dialogue with core Destiny 2 characters did.

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This was also highlighted by Destiny 2 YouTuber and lore expert ‘My name is Byf’, who couldn’t quite believe that such juicy bits of information were being hidden in randomly played audio snippets that most people probably won’t pay much attention to. “It’s weird to have something that wild just drop in the middle of a random Patrol,” he says.

Byf gives a detailed explanation of Calerondo’s super scoop in his video below. But in short, the radio report seems to suggest that the Traveler is in some kind of ‘dead’ state after its run-in with the Witness, due to the use of the word “remains” to describe it. Although, it’s worth mentioning that we still have access to the Light, and while it describes feeling empty, our Ghost is still alive and kicking.

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The Neumouna scientist quoted in Calerondo’s report also suggests that the portal created by the Witness could be an “Einstein-Rosen bridge”. In simpler terms, it’s probably a wormhole, something that connects two points in space time. So, the Witness might be doing some time travel now, which is… concerning.

One of Calerondo’s segments also include details on Nezarec – who is a leading candidate to be the main boss of the upcoming Destiny 2 Lightfall raid, Root of Nightmares – and his connection to the Psion race. Some also touch on loads of interesting lore on Neomuna and its people.

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While letting the community find secrets is all good fun, it’s strange to see so many core pieces of information being relegated to Jisu Calerondo’s humble radio show, and not the campaign itself.

While unrelated to all the lore he’s giving away on his radio show, an interesting final fact for you is that Calerondo is performed by Nolan North, the well-known voice actor who also voices your guardian’s Ghost.

Away from Neomuna Civil News, there are more secrets stuffed into Lightfall’s post-campaign content to look out for too. There’s the exotic weapon that hints at a return to the vaulted destination of Titan, and there’s a long-lost character making a surprise cameo in one of the new activities.