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Destiny 2 The Traveler - what is the object?

An ally or enemy in plain sight, here’s everything about Destiny 2 The Traveler, from what The Traveler is, to its powers and ambitions.

Destiny 2 The Traveler: A Titan looking up at The Traveler from The Tower.

Is it a benevolent being offering us the means to thrive, or is it a twisted one manipulating humanity for its own benefits? Find out all there is to know about Destiny 2 The Traveler as we explain the most basic details and the more complex lore tidbits to help you understand the Lightfall story.

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Destiny 2 The Traveler

The Traveler is a massive spherical paracausal entity that travels to planets and brings about supposed ‘Golden Ages’ using the power of the Light.

The Traveler has been to many different solar systems and planets during its time, uplifting civilisations before moving on to evade The Witness, its ancient enemy. Most recently, The Traveler has called the Earth and the Sol system its home where it would create Ghosts and the Guardians before ‘sleeping’ for an extended period of time. With The Witness and the Black Fleet returning to Sol in pursuit of The Traveler once more, it has now reawakened and is primed to make its last stand against the forces of the Darkness.

At the end of Season 19: Season of the Seraph, The Traveler appeared to flee in the face of The Witness arriving to finish this entity once and for all. While it used to reside above The Last City, The Traveler now hovers above Earth, as if in an offensive position posed against The Witness and the Black Fleet.

What is The Traveler in Destiny 2?

Perhaps the most frequently pondered question, exactly what The Traveler in Destiny 2 is, is still largely unknown, though Lightfall may shed some light on it. Even the Ghosts seem to know very little about their creator.

We are still unsure whether The Traveler is a machine, a biological being, or perhaps a ship of some kind housing a biological being within. With that said, we know that The Traveler is an ancient and powerful paracausal entity, antithetical to The Witness.

What is inside The Traveler in Destiny 2?

Since little is known about The Traveler, we do not know what is inside The Traveler, or if there even is anything inside. That hasn’t stopped a number of wild theories developing however, such as there being a bubble of warped space and time contained within it. It’s possible that a being is inside, an opposite to The Witness.

Nevertheless, it’s equally possible that nothing is inside The Traveler. It could just be a large sphere containing a vague ‘energy’.

What does The Traveler want in Destiny 2 Lightfall?

The Traveler’s goals are vague at best, though this entity appears to be altruistic and benevolent, only seeking to uplift civilisations before moving on to the next. It represents freedom, free will, and complexity, and champions that all beings have a natural will to do good.

It has been in an ancient battle with The Witness to prove these points, while The Witness seems to desire to reduce complexity and eradicate ‘unworthy’ species.

In Lightfall, The Traveler appears to be making its final stand alongside humanity. While history would indicate that it would attempt to flee The Witness once more and leave humanity behind, The Traveler still remains in Sol to take the fight to The Witness.

What powers does The Traveler have in Destiny 2?

The Traveler’s primary power is that of terraforming; it can make even the most hostile of environments a lush and livable location for species. In fact, when The Traveler was first discovered by humanity, it was in the process of terraforming Mars by creating rain and fundamentally altering the atmosphere.

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Another one of The Traveler’s powers is that of the Light. The Traveler is a source of Light in Sol, creating the Ghosts that give Guardians their powers and mastery of the forces of the universe, including Void, Solar, and Arc. Guardians use these powers on behalf of The Traveler to defend humanity against their enemies, namely The Witness and its allies.

In its most direct action yet, The Traveler also seems capable of unleashing a powerful blast, as seen in the Lightfall launch trailer. This blast appears to terraform even the Pyramid ship itself, a previously impenetrable and untouchable force.

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Where has The Traveler been in Destiny 2?

The Traveler has been across the universe, visiting other solar systems, planets, and species, spreading its influence before the inevitable arrival of The Darkness.

Other species it has visited include the Ammonites, a species on Fundament who would later be killed by the Hive, the Harmony, and the Fallen, the last species The Traveler visited before traveling to Sol. Each of these civilisations would receive the benefits from The Traveler and experience a Golden Age, before The Witness arrived and destroyed them, causing The Traveler to flee once more.

And that’s everything we currently know about The Traveler in Destiny 2. We’ll update this guide as more information is revealed, particularly during Lightfall and Season of the Defiance. Don’t forget to have the best Destiny 2 Titan build, the best Destiny 2 Warlock build, or the best Destiny 2 Hunter build ready to go to defend The Traveler.