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Destiny 2 Defiant Battlegrounds loot table, rewards, how to start, key

We’ve got the Destiny 2 Defiant Battlegrounds loot table, rewards, how to start, and how to use Defiant Keys to help you through your Season 20 journey.

Destiny 2 Defiant Battlegrounds guide: A Warlock, Titan, and Hunter dressed in the new Season of Defiance armour.

Destiny 2 Defiant Battlegrounds are the new activity for Season 20. With all the new content arriving with Lightfall and Season of Defiance, it’s easy to get caught up. Though since Defiant Battlegrounds are core to the Season 20 gameplay loop, you’re going to need to know how they work. Worry not though, here’s all you need to know about Destiny 2 Defiant Battlegrounds, loot table, rewards, how to start, and Defiant Keys in this handy Defiant Battlegrounds guide.

Taking part in the Destiny 2 Defiant Battleground activity is the perfect time to try out the Destiny 2 Strand subclasses and earn yourself some Destiny 2 Commendations. To find out if the new expansion is worth picking up, check out our Destiny 2 Lightfall review.

What are Defiant Battlegrounds in Destiny 2?

Defiant Battlegrounds are the Season 20: Season of Defiance playlist activity, a three-player matchmade activity rewarding unique Season 20 weapons, some of which are among the Destiny 2 Lightfall and Season 20 craftable weapons.

Unlike previous seasons, Season of Defiance does not have any additional activities to complicate the gameplay loop. Defiant Battlegrounds serve as the main repeatable activity this season and is great for loot to help reach the Destiny 2 Season 20 Power cap.

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How to start Defiant Battlegrounds in Destiny 2

To start Defiant Battlegrounds in Destiny 2, view the destination map for the H.E.L.M and locate the Defiant Battlegrounds playlist towards the top of the map. This activity is indicated by a large blue icon.

Once you’ve found the activity on the H.E.L.M map, simply queue up for the activity and you’ll soon be loaded into the mission. From here, you’ll fight back the Cabal and forces of the Witness in Destiny 2 to defend Earth from invasion.

Destiny 2 Defiant Battlegrounds loot table and rewards: The new Season of Defiance weapons.

Destiny 2 Defiant Battlegrounds loot table and rewards

The Destiny 2 Defiant Battlegrounds loot table and rewards include the unique Season 20 weapons:

  • Caretaker – Solar sword
  • Perpetualis – Strand auto rifle
  • Prodigal Return – Arc special grenade launcher
  • Raconteur – Stasis bow
  • Regnant – Void heavy grenade launcher
  • Royal Executioner – Solar fusion rifle

These Defiant Battlegrounds weapons are unique to Season 20: Season of Defiance, though they can also be earned from decoding Defiant Engrams and as rewards for increasing your War Table reputation for this season.

While these weapons aren’t too stand-out, the Destiny 2 Perpetualis god roll can be a powerful addition to your arsenal, particularly for the many Strand builds players have been experimenting with.

The Defiant Battlegrounds rewards also include Season of Defiance reputation, which can be used to claim Defiant Engrams and other rewards when you level up your reputation at the H.E.L.M.

Destiny 2 Defiant Battlegrounds Defiant Keys: A Fireteam of Guardians in the EDZ heading towards the invading Cabal.

Where and how to spend Defiant Keys in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Defiant Keys can be spent to open a bonus chest at the end of a Defiant Battlegrounds activity, granting additional Defiant Battlegrounds rewards.

In terms of how to find and get Defiant Keys in Destiny 2, we’ve got a full guide on just that. Once you’ve earned a Defiant Key, head into the Defiant Battlegrounds playlist to spend it on additional loot.

And that’s all you need to know about Destiny 2 Defiant Battlegrounds, including what it is and how to start it, the Defiant Battlegrounds loot table and rewards, and how to spend Defiant Keys. While you’re playing this repeatable activity, you’ll hopefully earn some good weapons and armour to put towards the best Destiny 2 Titan build, the best Destiny 2 Warlock build, or the best Destiny 2 Hunter build depending on your class.