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Not every Call of Duty MW2 operator will survive the switch to MW3

Call of Duty has confirmed that "nearly every operator" from MW2 will make it into Modern Warfare 3, suggesting some will be left behind on PS5, Xbox, and PC.

MW3 operator transfer MW2: an image of Lara Croft in COD

Despite concerns ahead of any official announcement, Modern Warfare 3 is going to be a full release for Call of Duty fans to enjoy and could quite-possibly become one of the best competitive FPS games available when it drops. There are, though, some things you should know about if you’re thinking about buying. MW3 Zombies isn’t going to be round-based, the new MW3 open combat campaign missions could be the hardest of the lot, and you’re not going to see all your unlocked MW2 operators in Modern Warfare 3. When MW3 rolls around, they’re being left in the past.

In this Call of Duty Blog post on the upcoming Season 5 Reloaded update, Call of Duty confirms that “nearly every operator from Modern Warfare 2 can be used in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer and zombies”, name-dropping Hutch, Horangi, Nova, and Stiletto. While this isn’t at all surprising given what we already know about MW3 skin transfers and the Modern Warfare 3 carry forward content, it is quite interesting to see that “nearly every operator” will be available and not ‘every operator’.

So, you might want to save your COD Points until the Modern Warfare 3 release date rolls around. If you buy something now, a new operator specifically, there’s no telling whether they’ll be available or not in MW3.

Call of Duty doesn’t detail who’s not making the cut and being left in MW2 – and, we presume, Warzone – but we would hazard a guess at this being the operators based on content creators TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS. At the very least, anyway. We also think this could include operators based on Messi, Neymar, and Pogba.

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It could even the operators based on The Boys’ trio of Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir. The streamer-based skins are already unavailable and it’s unlikely they will return, so we think they’re the safest bet if you want to take a name or two away from this.

However, there is also every chance that there will be original Call of Duty characters made unavailable. Although, this would most-likely be due to the narrative. We just don’t know for sure, yet, and we don’t think Call of Duty will confirm this until much closer to launch.

So, for now, you can check out all the MW3 guns we know about so far and all the MW3 maps you’ll be able to play at launch. We know this potential MW3 Throwing Knife tweak makes no sense, but it’s not all as bad as it sounds. MW3 will let you sneak through entire levels like you’re in a Hitman game – which could be a lot of fun.