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MW3’s potential throwing knife tweak “makes no sense” to COD players

Modern Warfare 3 weapons are likely to be fine tuned with divisive results in the new COD game, and one alleged change to throwing knives is controversial.

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You might have run out of ammo or just fancy flexing on your enemy, but in Modern Warfare 3 you’ll probably end up using melee weapons to defeat your opponents. Throwing knives are easy to use but can be difficult to master in Call of Duty, and new MW3 leaks indicate they’ll be changing in a drastic way when the Modern Warfare 3 release date arrives.

According to COD leaker ‘HeyImAlaix‘, a recent social media post hints that throwing knives will require two hits to take out players in multiplayer. The leaker’s post shows a hitmaker alongside the melee weapon, with players quickly putting the pieces together. Developer Sledgehammer Games is yet to confirm this, but we’ll likely find out in the approach to the forthcoming MW3 beta.

COD players are already vocalizing their concerns over this tweak, as ‘InstantRedy‘ comments there is “no way throwing knives are going to be a two-shot.” Conversely, ‘Judman’ adds that “there’s actually no way, Sledgehammer Games, if this is true please make it one-shot.”

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Twitch streamer ‘ZenithTheNinja‘ believes the adjustment “makes no sense” going forward. The recent Modern Warfare 3 reveal blog details the developer is increasing MW2’s health cap from 100 up to 150 HP, which will be a contributing factor to the possible change. This increase for the game’s core multiplayer is “lengthening the time-to-kill (TTK). Hardcore mode is not affected.”

In Modern Warfare 2, throwing knives can be thrown rapidly if players are taking advantage of perks like Scavenger, so Sledgehammer may be attempting to combat spamming. Since the throwing knife first emerged in Modern Warfare 2 (2009), the popular piece of equipment could eliminate players in one hit; though this can differ in Warzone. It might not be all bad for throwing knife fans, though.

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We’ve seen games like Black Ops Cold War bring back melee-focused modes like Sticks and Stones, and there is always the possibility Sledgehammer could bundle it in with all of the upcoming MW3 modes. Yet, there is still time to kill before you get your hands on the next COD iteration.

If you haven’t checked out MW3 pre-orders yet, you can get early access to the MW3 campaign with higher tier editions of the game, as well as beta code too.