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Fresh look at Armored Core 6 PvP stuns FromSoftware fans

The recent Armored Core 6 showcase debuts a new look at Armored Core 6 PvP, which can take place through two formats, leaving FromSoftware fans impressed.

Armored Core 6 pvp multiplayer showcase

Testing your skills in Armored Core 6 is more than just crafting the perfect mecha, and if you aren’t sure what kind of chaos to expect, the recent Armored Core 6 showcase has you covered. Alongside looks at missions and lore in the next FromSoftware game, the Elden Ring developer reveals a new look at Armored Core 6 PvP.

Linda ‘Vampybitme’ Le joins Armored Core Legacy member ‘Zealous’ for the showcase’s Armored Core 6 multiplayer and PvP segment, explaining that “you can select from 1v1 or 3v3” battles. Zealous adds that 3v3 fights are a “test of endurance”, confirming previous leaks that healing wouldn’t be included in PvP skirmishes. With teammates alongside you, 3v3 encounters are likely to be stressful – that’s if your friends aren’t coordinated with your plan of attack.

The intense 3v3 fight in the showcase also takes on a format akin to Team Deathmatch, as players are seen respawning back into battle after getting absolutely obliterated by their opponents. It might take the edge off knowing you can come back swinging, but less can be said when it comes to duking it out in a 1v1 match.

You can get a look at one of the first officially released Armored Core 6 duels below, which depicts YouTuber ‘FightinCowboy’ and Twitch streamer ‘Oroboro’ against each other. Naturally, fans of the franchise are already dissecting the footage.

First full 1v1 PvP Duel in Armored Core 6
by u/Etheox in armoredcore

“I’ve said it before but PvP is gonna blow up big time I’m betting. Holy f*** this game keeps looking better,” says ‘JohnBarber720‘. Some players didn’t hesitate to critique Oroboro’s fighting style, believing that his approach and choice of Armored Core 6 weapons cost him advantages at vital moments.

‘SquidudeToo’ provides an analysis of their own, saying that “it really looks like Oroboro just didn’t have the proper build in this fight. He had nothing that worked at the range he was playing at and nothing that could really stack stagger consistently.” Furthermore, the Armored Core fan believes that “overall, looks like movement, managing your ranges properly [and] perfecting your weapon combination will be what wins a fight.”

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Conjuring up the ultimate mecha creation through Armored Core 6 assembly is bound to provide you with hours of experimentation alone before you even step onto the battlefield. We’ll be tinkering away when the Armored Core 6 release date arrives, but don’t forget to check out all the upcoming PS5 games and upcoming Xbox games in the meantime.