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Armored Core 6 PVP battles throw away your most reliable ally

You'll need to become a master of Armored Core 6 PVP for any chance of winning, because FromSoftware isn't going to give you an opportunity to survive.

Armored Core 6 multiplayer healing

FromSoftware will take players on an explosive ride in Armored Core 6, but the game’s story can only take you so far. Eventually, through Armored Core 6 multiplayer you’ll step into an Armored Core 6 PVP arena and it’ll require every ounce of knowledge to survive it. Especially because the Elden Ring developer appears to be taking away the one feature you’ll need in potentially one of the best PS5 multiplayer games releasing this year.

“Lock-on can be broken and as confirmed by our Armored Core Legacy folks, PVP/Arena will have no repair kits,” claims AC6 Redditor ‘ThatPerfectCule’. Though FromSoftware is keeping the game’s more intricate combat mechanics under wraps until the Armored Core 6 release date, this deeper look at the game’s PVP combat gameplay reportedly comes “from a YouTuber showcasing content that wasn’t allowed to be shown.”

Franchise experts Armored Core Legacy previously gave their seal of approval to the game, and to hear that repair kits will be absent from PVP adds a new layer of threat to proceedings. At the time of writing the footage can still be viewed below on the game’s subreddit, depicting an intense PVP skirmish. As shown, you’ll be able to disengage your lock-on aim on your enemy, making it easier to re-evaluate your strategy on the battlefield.

While it might seem like an obvious feature to include, the inclusion of a Dark Souls-style lock-on will undoubtedly offer some familiarity to newcomers looking for some mecha action.

Deleted/Private video from a JP YouTuber showcasing content that wasn’t allowed to be shown. Lock-on can be broken and as confirmed by our ACL folks, PvP/Arena will have no repair kits.
by u/ThatPerfectCule in armoredcore

It can also be viewed as a testament to the game’s potentially increased difficulty over its predecessors. Fans of the franchise have been consistently debating its merit, with players like ‘basa_maaw‘ theorizing that “the repair kits are a dead giveaway. AC6 will be more difficult and will ask you to move and dodge a lot more based on enemy tells.”

According to copies of the game appearing in the wild, AC6 multiplayer supports up to six players in other multiplayer modes too.

You’ll want to study our Armored Core 6 assembly guide before you head into the game’s campaign or PVP arenas because tweaking each and every part of your mech could be the one thing that takes you to victory. And of course, making your mech look badass is going to be fun. We can always envisage defeating Armored Core 6 bosses with a slick array of weapons and a stunning paint job.