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Armored Core 6 gets seal of approval from diehard AC series experts

A recent Armored Core 6 preview dissects the upcoming FromSoftware mecha combat game, as diehard AC fans Armored Core Legacy give the game a seal of approval.

Armored Core 6 preview

FromSoftware reveals what’s under the mecha-hood in a recent Armored Core 6 preview, and the early impressions are signalling it could be one of the best games the Elden Ring developer has crafted yet. With the Armored Core 6 release date quickly approaching the battlefield, diehard AC fans and experts Armored Core Legacy have nothing but praise for Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon.

Armored Core Legacy staff members ‘FromCheng’, ‘Cleric’, and ‘ZealousAC’ reveal their thoughts on the latest FromSoftware game, with the game’s combat garnering exceptional love from the group. ZealousAC describes skirmishes in four-legged mechs (quads) as “the biggest evolution” yet, specifically when it comes to “their aerial hover ability.”

ZealousAC explains that “if you tap boost while in the air, each of your four legs will sprout a modular set of extra boosters in one of the most metal compact transformation animations you’ll find in a mecha title […] I’m already beyond excited thinking about different combos you can unleash from this mode.”

You’ll be toying around these combinations and other devastating weaponry with ample time too, as Cleric says “the missions can be long. The average I would say [is] around the longer missions in previous games and some [are] even longer.” With reports that claim that the Armored Core 6 length is around 60 hours in total, that means you’ll have plenty of time to cut your teeth against all the Armored Core 6 bosses.

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Like Elden Ring, Bloodborne, or Sekiro, each FromSoftware game is furnished with distinct lore to rip apart and explore. While some players might be digging into Armored Core 6 purely for its outrageous action, FromCheng reassures fans that an intriguing narrative is still underpinning the experience.

“The narrative and story telling feel more in the vain of Armored Core 4 and 5, with a slight focus on a personal tone amongst the larger scale themes of politics, corporate warfare and sabotage,” adds FromCheng. Additionally, the AC Legacy member expresses that “probably most importantly, the story still is just a backdrop for the gameplay, which is just where it needs to be. If you’re interested, cool, there’ll be plenty for you if you dig hard enough.”

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You can get a taste of Armored Core 6 gameplay yourself, following the release of new footage, or by checking out the wicked ‘FightinCowboy’ interview too. Whether you’re new to the franchise or AC lover, teaming up in Armored Core 6 multiplayer is bound to be an unforgettable experience.

Hopefully, the developer can confirm that Armored Core 6 crossplay is coming too, but you can keep updated with our nifty guide in the meantime.

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