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Sea of Thieves PS5 may be key to more Xbox games sailing over to Sony

The launch of Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 5 may be crucial to Microsoft bringing over other coveted Xbox exclusives to Sony's console.

Sea of Thieves PS5: An image of a pirate in the game Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 5.

With only a handful of acclaimed Xbox games heading over to PS5 players, you’re likely wondering if Microsoft will free up any other Xbox exclusives. With Hi-Fi Rush now available on Sony’s flagship console, Sea of Thieves is next to make a major splash on the PlayStation 5. According to a new report from The Verge, RARE’s pirate RPG is reportedly critical to swaying Microsoft’s release strategy.

Sources close to The Verge allege that Microsoft is evaluating the possibility of “other Xbox exclusive games coming to PS5.” Part of this plan will supposedly use Sea of Thieves as a gauge for interest, as the report suggests it “will be a key test for whether other games might make their way to PS5 or Nintendo Switch.” After spending 5 years on Xbox, Sea of Thieves will debut on PlayStation 5 on Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

Before The Verge‘s claims, we learned that a select few Xbox exclusives would appear on other platforms, but this plan wouldn’t include new Xbox games like Indiana Jones and the Golden Circle. You won’t see Bethesda’s massive RPG game Starfield, either. With a loyal player base and persistent content updates, Sea of Thieves is likely to make waves with PS5 players, thanks to the addition of crossplay support.
Sea of Thieves player count 2024: An image of the Sea of Thieves player count in 2024.
As of April 2024, the popular multiplayer game has tallied up an enormous total of 40 million players globally, according to tracking tool Merfolks Lullaby. Recent updates have made the game friendlier to newcomers, reducing the skill ceiling to get acquainted with the game’s mechanics. Sea of Thieves is often regarded as one of the best Xbox Game Pass games, but it won’t be available as an addition to all the free PS Plus games.
We reckon that Microsoft will have more to say about porting Xbox titles to PS5 over the summer, as an Xbox Showcase is rumored to take place in June. Looks at the next Call of Duty game and the reveal of Gears 6 are allegedly part of the presentation, but it leaves us wondering what else Microsoft is planning.
Major expansion plans for Sea of Thieves may be on the cards, but we’re eager to see if the Microsoft-Activision merger will yield the long-awaited debut of past Call of Duty games on Xbox Game Pass. If we’re getting greedy, we’d love to see the Tony Hawk franchise get it due, too.
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