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Trek To Yomi walkthrough, guides, tips and tricks

Our Trek To Yomi walkthrough includes guides, tips, and help for getting you through the unique-looking action-adventure on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

Trek To Yomi Walkthrough: Hiroki can be seen kneeling in a field

Trek To Yomi infuses traditional side-scrolling action with a classic Samurai movie aesthetic and narrative to weave a stylish game that is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. But, if you are playing through the game, you might be looking for some tips. Well, this Trek To Yomi walkthrough is filled with guides, tips, and helpful information to get you through the game’s chapters.

We found the game to be a mixed bag when we reviewed it, saying that while the style is there it lacks the substance to back it up. Overall, this leads to a less engaging romp through a classic samurai landscape. You can read our full thoughts in our Trek To Yomi review.

But, if you are working your way through the game and enjoying everything on offer, you can check out some tips below that comprise this Trek To Yomi walkthrough and guide.

Trek To Yomi walkthrough

Our Trek To Yomi walkthrough consists of guides on the game’s length, how to save and retain your progress, and where to find all the collectibles hidden in each of the game’s chapters.

Trek To Yomi Walkthrough: The protagonist can be seen fighting and enemy

Trek To Yomi General Tips

These tips and tricks focus on helping you get to grips with the game’s core mechanics. They also provide you with key information you should know ahead of getting stuck in.

Trek To Yomi Walkthrough: Hiroki can be seen standing in a forest next to a small wooden structure

Trek To Yomi Collectible and Item Locations

This section covers collectible locations in the game and where some of the stat-boosting items can be found.

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