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Trek To Yomi upgrade locations: all health and stamina boost locations

Looking for all the Trek To Yomi upgrade locations? Here is where you can find every health and stamina boost in the short, cinematic adventure

Trek To Yomi upgrade locations: Hiroki can be seen killing an enemy on a rooftop.

Trek To Yomi‘s upgrades are scattered around each of the seven chapters in the game and boost your stats, including your health and stamina. They can be tucked away, hidden, and blend well into the environment, so this guide will focus on the Trek To Yomi upgrade locations to help you find them all.

Outside of collectibles and ranged weapon capacity upgrades, the stamina and health upgrades will be what you pick up when exploring levels. Stamina upgrades are more plentiful than health upgrades and the numbers within each chapter vary.

So, if you want to find them all and net yourself a trophy or achievement in the process, we have a guide on the Trek To Yomi upgrade locations below, with links to our full articles detailing their locations in all of the game’s levels.

Trek To Yomi Upgrade Locations

Trek To Yomi’s different upgrade locations can be found scattered around the level, hidden in the environment, on boxes, behind objects, and more.

We have individual guides on the health and stamina upgrades showing each of them in all seven chapters of the game. They are both linked below and can be utilised when going through each of the levels.

For more guides on Trek To Yomi, check out our walkthrough for the game which covers the collectible locations and more general tips.