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Trek To Yomi how to save your game

Looking to find out how to save in Trek To Yomi? Here is what you need to do to keep your progress as you play through the game's levels

Trek To Yomi How To Save: Two characters can be seen squaring off in a courtyard

Trek To Yomi is a fairly familiar side-scrolling action game in terms of structure, with linear levels for you to complete. However, when it comes to how to save in Trek To Yomi, the game is a bit different, requiring you to activate specific items in the world in order to maintain your progress if you die.

While Trek To Yomi isn’t an overly hard game, but it can be challenging due to the fact that you can only take a few hits before you die. Therefore, you might find yourself struggling in some sections of the game if you choose to save while you still have a lot of health left. Therefore, it might be more beneficial to clear out more of the level before saving.

But, in order to do that, you will need to know how to save in Trek To Yomi. You can find the answer to that question further in this article.

Trek To Yomi how to save your game

To save your game in Trek To Yomi, you will need to interact with the shrines throughout the level.

Once you have saved at a shrine, you cannot use it for a second time, so you need to be strategic with your saves, only saving when you are at low health. As mentioned above, if you have a lot of health left, it might be a smart move to progress through a bit more of the level and then head back to the shrine to save as those enemies won’t be there if you die.

Either way, there are a lot of shrines throughout the game’s levels so you shouldn’t have too many issues.

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